Supreme Court Decides Against Grokster In File Sharing Decision

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Writingrepparttar opinion, Justice Souter explained:

"There is no evidence that Grokster…made an effort to filter copyrighted material from users' downloads or otherwise impederepparttar 145986 sharing of copyrighted files,"

He further explained,

"The company showed itself to be aiming to satisfy a known source of demand for copyright infringement,repparttar 145987 market comprising former Napster users."

No Nail In The Coffin

The entertainment industry is trumpetingrepparttar 145988 end of file sharing. This ruling is no such thing. To understandrepparttar 145989 impact ofrepparttar 145990 ruling, a brief discussion of legal procedure is necessary.

The Supreme Court decision does not find Grokster liable for anything. Instead, it simply reverses a lower court ruling that Grokster could not possibly be found liable. As a result,repparttar 145991 case will return torepparttar 145992 trial court and eventually go to trial. Inrepparttar 145993 trial,repparttar 145994 Plaintiff will have to prove that Grokster distributed file-sharing software withrepparttar 145995 intent that it be used for copyright infringement. Proving such a case will not be easy since “intent” is a vague concept.

In Closing

The decision ofrepparttar 145996 Supreme Court providesrepparttar 145997 entertainment industry with a basis for pursuing file sharing companies. Is file sharing at an end? Not likely.

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N.C. Governor Appoints Rosen Divorce Attorney Chair of Domestic Violence Commission

Written by Alison Kramer

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