Supply & Demand - Stop Attacking Good SEO Companies!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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A true SEO Company strives on giving their clients users - a more relevant experience by utilizing certain techniques.

Isn't there always going to be a bad apple inrepparttar group? SEO Spammers - They arerepparttar 128309 companies you should be attacking. You can usually pick them out in a heart beat. Typically seo spammers arerepparttar 128310 companies that advertise something like this on their site...

"Get inrepparttar 128311 top 10 rank for any key phrase you want!" or "Top 10 search engine rankings guaranteed"!

Baloney. Don't believe them for one second. If they could seriously get those Results allrepparttar 128312 time, then, wouldn't everyone be inrepparttar 128313 top 10?

Why Then Are SEO's Making A Fortune??? People want seo companies,repparttar 128314 average owner doesn't haverepparttar 128315 hours,repparttar 128316 weeks, and possiblyrepparttar 128317 years it takes to learn how to advertise online properly.

Hense why seo companies are born. It's like ANY industry inrepparttar 128318 world, where there is a demand; there will always be a supplier for them. On that same note, where there's money to be made, there will always be fakers, spammers, scammers and crooks.

What I Recommend: If you are going to search for an seo company. Don't look at how many testimonials they may have or don't look at how many promises they make. I suggest finding out who their clients are and contacting them directly to personally ask them questions aboutrepparttar 128319 seo company they chose and why!

In Conclusion: Please stop attacking ALL Seo companies since your not only attackingrepparttar 128320 companies future but your also attackingrepparttar 128321 future ofrepparttar 128322 families at home who are surviving from them.

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7 Steps To A Powerful, Useful Reciprocal Links Directory

Written by Charles Kangethe

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* Web site URL and a short description ofrepparttar web site and what it offers.

* Make a note of "special" features onrepparttar 128308 web site which you can usefully put in your e-mail to *prove* you have actually visitedrepparttar 128309 site. This goes a long way to countering SPAM problems.

Step # 4 - Build Your Partner Link Directory. ---------------------------------------------

Build your Partner Link's directory using a separate HTML page for each distinct category.

Addrepparttar 128310 URL link and comment for each qualified site intorepparttar 128311 relevant category page(s).

Make your directory pleasurable to visit, where visitors find information quickly and easily.

Ensure ithe directory is easily found and reached from your main web pages.

Step 5 - e-Mail The Webmaster -----------------------------

Usingrepparttar 128312 e-mail addresses, write to each Webmaster you have linked to.

Tell them :

* The URL address ofrepparttar 128313 page where their link can be found

* Your own web site link information (URL and descriptive comments)

Finish by asking for a reciprocal link in their directory.

Makerepparttar 128314 e-mail personal and you might like to userepparttar 128315 *special* feature note you made to help your request achieve success.

Step #6 - Maintain Your Directory ---------------------------------

A partner directory is a work in constant progress.

It must change quickly to reflect obsolete, dead, new, and modified links and web sites.

This maintains it's usefulness to your visitors.

Depending on size, verifyingrepparttar 128316 links may be more than you can achieve easily by your own efforts. Offer prizes to visitors who find and inform you of links that are no longer useful.

Maintenance also means giving added prominence to entries for other webmasters who respond to your mail and tell you that they have added your link and web site information to their own directories.

You can add a small graphic next to each Partner link making it stand out fromrepparttar 128317 other web sites that have not provided a reciprocal links.

Remember your directory exists to provide useful content to your visitors. Do not immediately remove a non reciprocating web site, if it adds value to your visitors.

Step #7 - Repeat ----------------

Go throughrepparttar 128318 six steps above regularly and over a period of 3 to 6 months you should notice a significant and sustained rise in targeted traffic from complimentary sites as well as a rise in search engine rankings for your specific keyword phrases.

------------------------------------------------------------ Conclusion

Building a useful, tightly themed, Partner Link directory is a "No cost" traffic and ranking builder.

Will you devote 15 minutes to this today, and intorepparttar 128319 future ?

------------------------------------------------------------ Charles Kangethe of is a leading new wave Netpreneur and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources. ----------------------------------------------------------- -

Charles Kangethe of is a leading new wave Netpreneur and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources.

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