Superultramodern Quotes and Dialogues

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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You come to believe in space and time as forms of illusion; I tell you howrepparttar illusion is worked out through non-spatial mechanics, which is described inrepparttar 122211 NSTP theory. This vision shall changerepparttar 122212 face of science inrepparttar 122213 early 21st century. - Kedar Joshi

'Physics must be recast on a new foundation in which change isrepparttar 122214 measure of time, not timerepparttar 122215 measure of change.' - Julian Barbour (The end of time, 2000)

Yes, absolutely. As time exists only as an experience of change, whererepparttar 122216 experience itself is nothing but some non-spatial feeling, it isrepparttar 122217 experience of change that is fundamental, not time. - Kedar Joshi

What are space and time ?

Space and time have two kinds of existence, which I state inrepparttar 122218 decreasing order of certainty. 1) They are experiences existing inrepparttar 122219 form of non-spatial feelings. 2) They are superhuman ideas also existing inrepparttar 122220 form of non-spatial feelings. Space and time are forms of illusion to non-spatial observer/s.

Space and time are both absolute and relative. As superhuman ideas they are absolute (as they are pure ideas independent of any experience), while as experiences they are relative (as there could be infinitely many possible experiences of space and time). - Kedar Joshi

Time Machine and The NSTP Theory - Getting intorepparttar 122221 past isrepparttar 122222 same as having exactlyrepparttar 122223 same experiences as those had inrepparttar 122224 past. And for doing this one has to modulaterepparttar 122225 universal non-spatial superhuman thoughts/program/software, a kind of non-spatial time machine. - K.J.

The Joshian / Superultramodern conjecture of space - Space is three and only three dimensional. ( Consideringrepparttar 122226 NSTP theory there is no evidence whatsoever that space has more than three spatial dimensions.) - K. Joshi

All meaningful theories speak about reality, and thus are verifiable / falsifiable. However, they may not be verifiable / falsifiable at present due to limited human knowledge, powers, and, in general, progress. ( It is possible that they are forever unverifiable / unfalsifiable for humans. ) And this human inability does not at all mean that such theories are unscientific or absurd. - Kedar Joshi

I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favour of Plato. In factrepparttar 122227 smallest units of matter are not physical objects inrepparttar 122228 ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which can expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language. - Werner Heisenberg

The smallest units of matter are indeed ideas existing inrepparttar 122229 form of non - spatial feelings,repparttar 122230 ideas that are inferior torepparttar 122231 Platonic realm of eternal mathematical truths and ideas, which exist in some unknown physical form. - Kedar Joshi

'The theme running throughrepparttar 122232 tour throughrepparttar 122233 principles of physics is that progress has often consisted in uncovering "hidden unities".'

- John C. Taylor, Hidden Unity in Nature's Laws Professor emeritus of mathematical physics Cambridge University

All ( mysterious ) natural phenomena are aspects ofrepparttar 122234 principle that space is a form of illusion to non - spatial mind, which is governed by super - non - spatial mind. This principle, captured inrepparttar 122235 NSTP theory, representsrepparttar 122236 greatest hidden unity in nature's laws known to mankind. - Kedar Joshi

There is no better, there is no more open door by which you can enter intorepparttar 122237 study of natural philosophy, than by consideringrepparttar 122238 physical phenomena of a candle. - Michael Faraday

There is no better, there is no more open door by which you can enter intorepparttar 122239 study of natural philosophy, than by consideringrepparttar 122240 physical phenomena of consciousness ( i.e. feelings ), specifically consciousness of a candle. - Kedar Joshi

More significant mathematical work has been done inrepparttar 122241 latter half of this century than in all previous centuries combined. - John Casti, Five Golden Rules, 1996

The mathematical proposition that 'feeling/s are conceptually distinct from their bodily counterpart/s and that no spatial structure can be a representation of feeling/s' is more significant than allrepparttar 122242 previous ones combined. And it formsrepparttar 122243 road torepparttar 122244 fundamental understanding ofrepparttar 122245 universe. - Kedar Joshi

Peace On Earth

Written by John Cali

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You must be at peace within yourself -- you must have found peace for yourself -- before you will have any peace to give others, before you will ever be able to show othersrepparttar true path to peace.

And when you do create this “peace on earth,” know this: you will all still have different ideas of what peace is. There will never be, in your experience in this lifetime, a time when all will agree on just exactly what peace on earth is.

You did not come into this particular incarnation -- at this particular time in your human history, at this particular time in your own individual history -- to create total peace on earth.

You came to this planet at this time to experience diversity, not oneness. And in that diversity you will all find joy, once you allowrepparttar 122210 diversity to be okay. Once you allow yourself, and all others, to be okay just exactly where you all are right now.

In that allowing, and only in that allowing, will you ever find peace on earth.

Peace will never come to earth unless you see -- and understand -- all will never be one andrepparttar 122211 same. You are all diverse and different.

You will find peace -- total peace -- only in accepting and allowingrepparttar 122212 diversity, and in letting go of your need for sameness.

Peace be with you.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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