Superstition - A World of Make Believe?

Written by Sharon Jacobsen

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Untilrepparttar plague struck things were very different. Those who sneezed were congratulated on expelling evil from their bodies. 4. Black Cats In ancient Egypt,repparttar 125471 Goddess Bast was a black, female cat. Christians, wanting to rid society of all traces of other religions, convincedrepparttar 125472 ignorant that black cats were demons in disguise and should thus be destroyed. The kindly ladies who cared forrepparttar 125473 cats were often destroyed inrepparttar 125474 process, being condemned as witches. A demon black cat crossing your path would create a barrier of evil, cutting you off from God and blockingrepparttar 125475 entrance to heaven. 5. Spilling Salt Duringrepparttar 125476 middle ages salt was a very expensive commodity used mainly for medicinal purposes. Spillage was to be avoided at all costs. The idea that it is unlucky to do so probably stems fromrepparttar 125477 belief that Judas spilt salt duringrepparttar 125478 last supper. Throwing spilt salt overrepparttar 125479 left shoulder is linked to its medicinal use. If it could not be administered,repparttar 125480 next best thing was to throw it intorepparttar 125481 eye ofrepparttar 125482 evil spirits that brought sickness upon us. These spirits were believed to lurk behind a person's shoulder, waiting for an opportunity to strike. 6. Fingers Crossed Probablyrepparttar 125483 most widely used superstition these days and used by makingrepparttar 125484 sign ofrepparttar 125485 Christian faith with our fingers thus preventing evil spirits destroying our chances of good fortune. 7. Knock on Wood This goes back torepparttar 125486 days before Christianity made its entrance. It was believed that good spirits lived in trees and that by knocking on anything made from wood we could call upon these spirits for protection against misfortune. There are many, many more such superstitions. Every culture has them. Perhaps they have survived in our world of scientific explanations due to our desire to keeprepparttar 125487 child inside us alive. Through superstition, we are able to take part inrepparttar 125488 world of make believe. I couldn't possibly say that I still believe in Father Christmas, but I can say "God Bless You" when anybody sneezes. And just forrepparttar 125489 record, I don't like walking under ladders either. Who knows, a tin of paint may just fall down and hit me!

Sharon grew up in East London but moved to Norway at the age of 19, returning to England in 1998. She now lives in Cheshire with her partner and two of her three children. Besides writing, she is currently studying Social Science with The Open University, runs a web site where women in the UK can meet other women for platonic friendship (, potters in her garden, reads and generally tries to enjoy life. Sharon can be contacted at

Guide to Gambling Online

Written by sara

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1. The Casino has an established help line. 2. There is a valid phone number provided. 3. Known and recognized forms of payments are accepted. 4. The casinos are based inrepparttar US. 5. The payments are made immediately.

Only after these points are considered can you play atrepparttar 125470 casino withrepparttar 125471 belief that every win will be fair and every loss a twist of fate! Consider sites that feature casino guides when making your decision e.g. is a site that ensures that you make an informed decision even if it is to gamble!


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