Super Snooper

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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His characterization of his new job is no doubt due torepparttar horrible security breaches built into Microsoft's products and he relishesrepparttar 132058 challenge of plugging all those many gaping holes.

For my part, I wish him well and hope he succeeds on a grand scale since security of Microsoft products is critical if they gain evenrepparttar 132059 smallest adoption ofrepparttar 132060 .Net Passport system that requires registration of all MSN products users as it is built in to their latest iteration of Windows, Explorer, Outlook Express and required of each ofrepparttar 132061 MSN web services such as hotmail, bCentral small business services and each of their web portals.

I predict, without hesitation, that individual privacy and enterprise network security will berepparttar 132062 blockbuster issues of computing andrepparttar 132063 web inrepparttar 132064 coming year. Super Snooper is, like it or not, going to be snooping and sniffing you, your grandmother, your kids, your neighbor, your friends, your enemies and all our biometrics to compare all that information to profiles of known terrorists. I know, I know, you're very harmless and sweet and innocent and honest and true.

It's those bad guys I'm worried about, so you don't mind if we profile you, right? We won't attach any of that information to your .Net Passport, your medical records or your tax files.

Really! We promise! Super Snooper is only after terrorists. Nobody is interested in all that information we have on you. Betcha it's totally secure too (on Microsoft IIS server soft- ware that is completely patched and impervious to hackers or criminals or even that cybergeek who lives next door.) I know that because Microsoft has a new Security Czar who starts his irresistable job on April Fools Day!

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Privacy Heat Generates Little Light

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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What permission is presumed given by subscribers when they join a discussion list as to Privacy concerns? Do you include their email address on subscriber posts? Do you have permission to contact them for stand-alone ads from list advertisers? Does your web site privacy policy apply to your list subscribers and if not, can you then archiverepparttar list online? What if you remove those email addresses before archiving?

Privacy has been a growing topic of concern amongrepparttar 132056 US public since 11 September. Harris found that 91% of US consumers say they would be more likely to do business with a company that verified its privacy practices with a third party.

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