Super Psychic Kids

Written by Keith Varnum

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Spoon bending by osmosis

Inrepparttar '70's, Uri Geller could bend metal object just by looking at them, which was substantiated by scientists at Stanford University Research Institute. Demonstrating his psychic power on TV all over Europe, Geller once asked people to place knives, spoons and forks in front of their television sets. With millions of witnesses, Geller bent tableware inrepparttar 126221 studio before their eyes on TV-and he bentrepparttar 126222 tableware inrepparttar 126223 homes of Europeans watchingrepparttar 126224 show. This single act had an interesting side effect. From phone calls afterrepparttar 126225 show, it was discovered that over 1,500 children were able to absorbrepparttar 126226 same spoon bending ability just by watching it happen one time on TV!

New Children here to wake us up

The "New Children" have come to Earth with a clear purpose. These kids know who they are and why they are here. They carry a new vibration and have come to transformrepparttar 126227 consciousness of humanity. They are here to vibrate an energy of peace and love for Earth. As they vibrate and visualize light in places that are dark, they are changing Human Consciousness. Their energy provides a fresh, innocent, powerful perspective and tone for people who are searching for new, more viable solutions to society's problems and challenges.

Kids remember past lives

The University of Virginia has been doing studies on children who remember past lives. These children say things like: "I have another daddy", "When I was big, I used to have a car", "That happened before I was in mommy's tummy." Just like their counterparts aroundrepparttar 126228 world, some of these children can see intorepparttar 126229 future and move objects with their focused intention.

Near-death experiences awaken powers

P.M.H. Atwater, author of Children ofrepparttar 126230 New Millennium, writes aboutrepparttar 126231 after affects of children who have near-death experiences. These children foretellrepparttar 126232 future, possess heightened sensory and empathic abilities, have no fear of death, and see and talk to people who have died. Atwater is not alone in her feeling that these children arerepparttar 126233 beginnings of a new race of people on Earth.

Worldwide telepathic children's network

James Twyman, author of Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak torepparttar 126234 World, shares profound telepathic communications with many psychic children. One kid, Thomas, talks about a worldwide network of psychic children who remember their "soul purpose"-which is to teach people how to bring love and peace torepparttar 126235 world. These telepathic children are technologically oriented while atrepparttar 126236 same time highly intuitive and creative. They are confident, strong and non-attached-with quick, sharp minds. See:

"New Children" are smart

Newsweek magazine reports thatrepparttar 126237 rise in IQ scores throughoutrepparttar 126238 developed world "is so sharp that it implies thatrepparttar 126239 average school child today is as bright asrepparttar 126240 near-geniuses of yesteryear." One ability that especially stands out isrepparttar 126241 kids' rise in "non-verbal intelligence"-the ability to know or intuit information. The "new children" are natural "creative problem solvers."

Medical researchers at UCLA are discovering some youngsters with a unique DNA pattern no one else has-they have 24 active DNA codons. People normally have only 20 active codons. These children have a remarkable resistance to illness and seem to be immune to every disease.

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

Tapping Primal Life Force

Written by Keith Varnum

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As I melded withrepparttar effusive wildness of Costa Rica, I unearthed an answer. We humans can re-connect to our natural aliveness by opening to a force that is more powerful than our programming, more compelling than our collective conditioning. The force that can liberate us is universal life energy, primal life force. This unbridled exuberance abounds everywhere around us—and within us. Fortunately, cultural conditioning cannot control primal life force. This raw creative energy is free and innocent of all human concepts and beliefs. Primal life force doesn’t follow its own drumbeat; it isrepparttar 126220 drumbeat.

Primal life force is more fundamental, more basic, than our human psychological and cultural creations. In reality, this power providesrepparttar 126221 lifeblood, essence and juice that sustains and supportsrepparttar 126222 entire human culture currently existing onrepparttar 126223 planet. Primal life flow isrepparttar 126224 natural energy source that literally runs our human creations.

Several years ago, a wall of red-hot lava streamed downrepparttar 126225 side of a volcano onrepparttar 126226 Big Island of Hawaii cutting right through a village located betweenrepparttar 126227 volcano andrepparttar 126228 ocean. So intense wasrepparttar 126229 temperature ofrepparttar 126230 boiling lava, its radiant energy vaporizedrepparttar 126231 wood and cement foundations ofrepparttar 126232 human structures beforerepparttar 126233 lava physically touchedrepparttar 126234 foundations. All traces ofrepparttar 126235 village and human habitation were annihilated inrepparttar 126236 wake ofrepparttar 126237 lava inferno as it made its way torepparttar 126238 sea.

Modern science doesn’t know a way to stoprepparttar 126239 power ofrepparttar 126240 Goddess Pele,repparttar 126241 impassioned expression ofrepparttar 126242 spirit ofrepparttar 126243 volcano. The human structures were not as real, fundamental or substantial asrepparttar 126244 energy ofrepparttar 126245 volcano. Human concepts, beliefs and paradigms trying to overlay and dominate nature are no match forrepparttar 126246 raw, creative primal power of natural vigor.

The vibration of original vitality, passion and excitement is strong enough to melt our collective granite heart. Just as primal life force vaporizedrepparttar 126247 not-so-solid foundations ofrepparttar 126248 Hawaiian physical structures, primal life force can dissolverepparttar 126249 foundations ofrepparttar 126250 psychological structure that makes us think we need to control and feel separate from other life in order to get enough energy to survive.

One key to becoming fully revitalized is to reconnect with universal life force in such a way that we are not only fed by it, but also transformed by it. If we resonate withrepparttar 126251 abundant aliveness all around us, divine alchemy will transmute us intorepparttar 126252 experience of being that eternal essence of life energy. When we become one with universal life force, we are able to draw our very sustenance, supply and security from our own source within. We are sovereign, self-generating, in terms of where we get our energy. Sourcing our own energy, we then have enough personal power to meltrepparttar 126253 crystallized granite heart within ourselves and our culture. And until we walk withrepparttar 126254 authentic sovereignty of natural vitality, we won’t haverepparttar 126255 courage and strength to go out and love with true spirit and fulfill our core purposes on Earth.

Another crucial aspect ofrepparttar 126256 message I received fromrepparttar 126257 wildness of Costa Rica is that to be successful on our quest, we humans need to open to this primordial energy through direct, pure, spontaneous, innocent and fresh means. We cannot approach this enterprise from an old paradigm or model. For, if we seek natural, organic vitality in an unnatural, nonorganic way, we won’t uncoverrepparttar 126258 pure source we seek. To approach aliveness in a sequential, methodical, linear manner prevents us from contacting its basic nature. This natural aliveness does not exist withinrepparttar 126259 framework or box in which we currently exist as a society. Pure, free life expression lives outside of our cultural conditioning, underneath it, behind it—beyond it.

We can reclaim our natural power only if we approachrepparttar 126260 challenge in a manner that is new, wild, free, unexpectant and in-the-moment. If this alive space is sought in any way that is familiar or known, it won’t be found. Where we’re going and what we’re looking for isn’t located on any existing cultural map.

The way to natural vitality is uncharted becauserepparttar 126261 very finding of this energy transforms us and our universe to such an extent that no previous map, blueprint or paradigm is relevant. Byrepparttar 126262 very nature ofrepparttar 126263 goal—aliveness—the path torepparttar 126264 goal remains fresh and spontaneous, impossible to document or plan.

No methodology, technique or structured approach can ever remain valid for any period of time—or even a second time—to assist us in reaching this vibrant state. This space, once achieved, once embodied, once lived, is so free, transforming, creative and constantly changing that any existing map, chart or way won’t take us there a second time. Strategies previous to this moment take us to old places and old experiences. Really cool, but not current. Pleasant, but not present. Potent, but not profound.

To undertake this odyssey inrepparttar 126265 most advantageous way, my inner coach suggests a simple, direct, personal approach. To rekindle our fire of aliveness, we can open to peak moments in our life when we experienced a strong connection torepparttar 126266 vibration of raw, creative primal life flow. Many of us can’t think of—or remember—a time when we did merge with this basic life force. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter that our memory of our true nature is blocked by our mind. We can employ our intuition as a guide, instead ofrepparttar 126267 mind. Our intuition knows where and how to access this vibration of vitality. Our intuition knows how to remove or go around any barriers or denial. Behind our veils of fear, dismissal, distraction, invalidation and misinterpretation are hundreds of firsthand encounters with this universal fire. Within each of us lies a treasure house of direct personal experiences readily available forrepparttar 126268 enhancement and transformation of our everyday life.

The heart of Costa Rica radiated one primal message: “Go forrepparttar 126269 juice,repparttar 126270 electricity. Forgetrepparttar 126271 form.”

If whatever is happening inrepparttar 126272 moment looks and sounds right, but doesn’t feel intuitively right to you, then it’s not right. It isn’t what you’re meant to be doing at that moment—it isn’t what is spiritually appropriate or indicated for you to be doing at that precise time.

In regard to any situation,repparttar 126273 key question to ask yourself is: “For me, inrepparttar 126274 moment, is there passion, aliveness, heart?”

If there is not, then you are not inrepparttar 126275 right place, no matter how convincingrepparttar 126276 outer appearance might be. Let it go.

The spirit ofrepparttar 126277 Earth urges: “Move on. Stay open. Keep flowing.”

In an Arizona canyon twenty years ago, a venerable Hopi medicine man named Medicine Cloud shared a keen observation with me: “Everything you need to know about life you can learn from streams and clouds.”

I now know what he meant.

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

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