Super Cheap Ways To Promote Your Small Business

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Shop for infomercial space during off-peak times. Late at night and weekends are best. Even though these times aren't big ratings- getters,repparttar total numbers of people watching can still be impressive.

Look for especially low prices in smaller markets and on cable TV outlets. Thirty minutes can sometimes go for as low as a few hundred dollars.

Save on product costs by hiring a small, capable one or two- person production house.

Internet advertising also tends to be cheap, but it can take quite a bundle to keep your messages consistently in front of a lot of prospects. Buying audience for your website is almost always an expensive proposition.

One way to stretch your reach onrepparttar 117799 Internet is to team up with other businesses that are reaching a lot of prospects with advertising. Have them include your ad, banner, link, or (even better) article on their website or in their advertising.

Watch for web-based businesses that advertise frequently in top ezines, in card decks, on TV, and in magazines. Get mentioned on their site and harvest some ofrepparttar 117800 benefit of their aggressive ad campaign.

You are more likely to receive cooperation from businesses that have clients similar to yours. Showrepparttar 117801 business how you offer a valuable product or service their customers will appreciate. Including you on their site must be a benefit for them.

Many intense Internet advertisers are looking for ways to defray their marketing expenses. Offer to pay a portion ofrepparttar 117802 cost in exchange for being included in ads and on their site.

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How To Make Money 24 Hours A Day!!

Written by John Colanzi

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The best place to start is withrepparttar classified ad. Classified ads have beenrepparttar 117798 backbone of marketers both on-line and off.

Studyrepparttar 117799 successful ads of other marketers. Use them as a starting point for developing your own ads. Don't copy their ads, use them as a guide to writing your own successful ads.

Start you campaign withrepparttar 117800 many sources of Free advertising online.

<> Free classifieds sites. <> Free ezine advertising. <> Business related newsgroups. <> Business Forums

The list is endless!

Now we get torepparttar 117801 secret used by heavy hitters in mail order and onrepparttar 117802 internet.

Once you begin to make sales from your free advertising expand your efforts through paid advertising. Use your profits to increaserepparttar 117803 number of eyes seeing your ad. The key is multiplying your exposure.

It's that simple!

When starting your business you must put your profits back into more advertising. To do otherwise isrepparttar 117804 fast-track to failure.

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