Super Affiliate Strategies To Boost Your Click Through Rates

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Teasers setrepparttar stage for your affiliate product or service, by accelerating your visitor's impulse. This enables them to have a sneak peek at what they can expect fromrepparttar 102446 product or service you are promoting before they even realize that you're selling them something. Usingrepparttar 102447 teaser approach is a sure way to boost your marketing efforts and increase your affiliate revenue. When writing a teaser don't try to sell it, or reveal any prices, that'srepparttar 102448 sales copy's job. You need to keep in mind thatrepparttar 102449 teaser's job is only to motivate your visitor to click through your advertisement. Screen Your Visitors Screening your visitors is a technique that is used in copywriting that enables you to control and screenrepparttar 102450 serious individuals fromrepparttar 102451 test pilots. When applying this technique to a sales copy, it will eliminaterepparttar 102452 amount of refunds you may recieve. In this case, you need to be specific aboutrepparttar 102453 product or service without giving too many details, this will eliminate unnecessary click throughs. This technique is perfect, if you are using any type of pay per click advertising. By screening people in advance you will improve your click through rate and save yourself a lot of money in your pay per click advertising campaign. Mask Your Affiliate Urls These days people are very leery about clicking through affiliate urls, because they know when they see it that you are trying to sell them something. If you want to really boost your affiliate sales then you should mask your affiliate urls. By masking your url, your visitor will never see your affiliate url inrepparttar 102454 browser window making it more invitable to them, more click throughs means more sales. You will see a significant increase in your click throughs when you maskrepparttar 102455 url. For those who don't know how to mask your affiliate url, here is what you need: To mask your affiliate urls there are two areas we need to address, one is [affiliate_url], replace it with your affiliate url. The second is click here to view, which is what will appear in your visitor's browser window. If you want to display something different inrepparttar 102456 browser's window, then changerepparttar 102457 click here to view to what you want to display. These were just some ofrepparttar 102458 ways to improve your click through rate. After you have applied these techniques you will notice a substantial increase in click throughs and sales.

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Affiliate Programs 101!

Written by BB Lee

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Always readrepparttar fine print. Make sure you understandrepparttar 102445 payment clause. Many affiliate programs will only send you payment after you've accumulated a certain sales amount. Anything from $10.00 and up.

Affiliates might pay every other week, per month or per quarter. You will receive a payment if you reachrepparttar 102446 minimum balance in sales during that pay period. Most balances are accumulative. So, if you do not reachrepparttar 102447 minimum during one pay period it will be rolled over to your next pay period and added to any sales balances. Once again, readrepparttar 102448 fine print inrepparttar 102449 affiliate agreement when you sign up for pertinent details.

Here are a few popular affiliate programs.


Commission Junction

To find more affiliate programs, go to one of repparttar 102450 search engines like:


Type in affiliate programs. Click onrepparttar 102451 one's that interest you.

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