Super Affiliate Marketer's Best-Selling Handbook Reveals How She Makes $435,000 a Year Selling Other People's Stuff

Written by Terry Mansfield

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Rosalind Gardner states that in "The Super Affiliate Handbook" you will see "the web sites that I actually promote to make tens of thousands each month," will getrepparttar "benefit of 7 years worth of my experience," and will learn exactly "which services and software give you best value for your dollar" so you can "avoidrepparttar 137052 costly mistakes that I've made during my learning process."

Her bottom line: there's absolutely no reason that you or I or anyone else can't achieve a very high level of success online through affliliate marketing. And she definitely wants to share her wealth of knowledge and experience and be repparttar 137053 one to "show you exactly what you need to do to build your own lucrative affiliate marketing business." She's made, and keeps making month after month, a ton of money. The truth is, says Rosalind, "you can make INCREDIBLE MONEY online by promoting ONLY affiliate programs."

Some pretty bold claims, for sure, but compelling nonetheless. And thus for those among us who are quite serious about making serious money online, what Rosalind Gardner is offering in her ebook would appear to at least warrant some further exploration and examination. Since it's always a good practice to do a certain amount of due diligence, you can do so and obtain additional information about "The Super Affiliate Handbook" by visiting:


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Good Website Content, to survive your web site needs lots of it

Written by Fred Farah

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If you find I have usedrepparttar word RELEVANT very often, then believerepparttar 136540 importance of focusing on your Niche. Your search placement will improve in time, as you add content that is wanted by your readers.

Best Affiliate Products, as a niche keyword phrase is not very large. Replace Products with Programs, andrepparttar 136541 competition is fierce, with up to 230,000 web pages found. But my niche keyword has a reasonable size, under 600 in fact. As a result of this, andrepparttar 136542 fact that useful content pages keep getting added, has resulted in excellent Search results on Google,Yahoo and MSN.

I am proud to say that forrepparttar 136543 search term "best affiliate products" for Best Affiliate Products home page is currently ranked as # 1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN

The reason: good content!

I also have other pages inrepparttar 136544 top 10 and top 30. If your search results come in higher than 30, thenrepparttar 136545 chances of getting noticed are very slim.

Is that enough proof to convince you that content is not just important, but crucial to your success.

Which brings us torepparttar 136546 next point regardingrepparttar 136547 ideal Niche size of a successful site. Size, in this case, meansrepparttar 136548 number of web site pages you find when you do a search on Google. In my opinion and that of many experts, an ideal size niche should be from 500 to 10,000 search results. These smaller sized niches offer good potential income, and you could do well with a site competing in this size niche.

However, having more than one Niche Market assures you flexibility and protection against one site losing steam, and also offers income growth potential that is unequalled inrepparttar 136549 online business world.

Before I get carried away on this topic, I better leave it to a future article.

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