SuperGirl is no more

Written by Gary Whittaker

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Voted to removerepparttar feeding tube

J.D. Alexander (R) Nancy Argenziano (R) Dave Aronberg Mike Bennet (R) Larsenia Bullard Skip Campbell Lisa Carlton (R) Paula Dockery (R) Steven Geller Tony Hill Dennis Jones (R) Jim King (R) Ron Klein Evelyn Lynn (R) Gwen Margolis Les Miller Nan Rich Burt Saunders (R) Gary Siplin Rod Smith Frederica Wilson

We must never forget that these Senators have chosenrepparttar 132156 path of least resistance, despite it’s cruel nature. They have sanctioned a crime against human rights. When she passes, she will have earned her spot right next to Christopher Reeve as someone taken from us too soon. While she may not have been able to verbally communicate her wishes, she has stayed alive for over 15 years in her conditions, fought off serious infections, do not recisitate orders and sub-par medical care. While she may not have been an activist, she has proven that she is a survivor, and worthy to be our super girl.

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“How To Tell If Someone You Meet In An Online Profile Or Advert Is Married/Partnered Or A Troll" Article 2 of 5

Written by Murray Hughes

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Mom asks if you want some milk and cookies... andrepparttar whole time you're in constant fear she will burst throughrepparttar 132153 door at any time…

You getrepparttar 132154 picture.

Be sure to clarify, however, who is living with whom. It may berepparttar 132155 case that it isrepparttar 132156 dater’s house and their parents actually live with them.

2.The Pungency of Desperation

Any whiff of desperation is a sign — if they can’t 'get' anyone, there’s probably a good reason.

Desperation can come inrepparttar 132157 form of:

- wanting to hook-up for a date very soon after you have met them online.

- claiming to love you even though you haven’t yet met in person.

- making future plans for your lives together even though you haven’t yet met in person.

- talking a lot about depression, intense loneliness, suicide and other dark thoughts.

- telling you very private details about their life way too soon.

- offering to give you their contact details even though you've only spoken (typed) once or twice online.

- when you log into your online dating service there are 6 messages waiting for you even though you only met them online forrepparttar 132158 first time yesterday.

- being too agreeable. Very easy to fall for this one. If they seem to have no opinion of their own and concur with you on every issue, they may be willing to say anything to get a date.

What do you do? Run like hell!

No seriously, ever heardrepparttar 132159 song ‘Klingons Off The Starboard Bow’?

Wellrepparttar 132160 more desperate a dater is,repparttar 132161 more they will cling-on.. it could become a problem you can do without.. like I said earlier, it lead to me changing my phone number!

That’s it for today, we have run out of room. To sum up, you need these to recognize these early warning signs to save you fromrepparttar 132162 same tragic events I endured.

So, be wary of a grown man or woman who still hasn’t leftrepparttar 132163 nest and be even more wary ofrepparttar 132164 desperate-dater.

Inrepparttar 132165 next part of this series I will discuss 2 more yellow-flag indicationsrepparttar 132166 person onrepparttar 132167 other end is probably a troll and how to get around them.

I call themrepparttar 132168 ‘Statute of Contact Limitations’ and ‘No Sepia-Toned Photos Please’.

Until then,

Your Truly, Adam Coole

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