Sunless Tanning vs Sun Tanning

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Sunlight arrives on earth in three forms: infrared (heat), visible light and ultraviolet. Ultraviolet light is classified into three categories: UVA which causes tanning, UVB which damagesrepparttar skin and causes sunburn, and UVC which is filtered out byrepparttar 137598 atmosphere and never reaches earth. 99% ofrepparttar 137599 sun's UV radiation at sea level is UVA. UVB isrepparttar 137600 onerepparttar 137601 reeks havoc on our skin causing premature aging, deep wrinkles, and inrepparttar 137602 worst cases cancer.

UV radiation is reflected by different surfaces so you can amplify your exposure depending onrepparttar 137603 reflective surface. Snow reflects up to 90% of UV light and has been known to cause snow blindness and severe sunburn from skiing on a sunny day. Sand reflects up to 20% of UVB that hits it so you get extra UV exposure atrepparttar 137604 beach. The flip to this is that some things absorb almost allrepparttar 137605 UV radiation. Glass is a perfect example Ė thatís why you donít burn in your car on a hot day. Sunscreens use chemicals that have UV-absorbing properties.

Sunburn Caucasian people do not have a natural built in protection as do many races. So if you are a caucasion with no tan then your skin is not protected fromrepparttar 137606 UV rays, making you susceptible to sunburn if you spend too much time inrepparttar 137607 sun. Sunburn leaves your skin red and extremely painful, and in severe cases blisters will appear.

Overrepparttar 137608 course of several hours, exposed skin turns bright red and becomes extremely painful when touched. Most times you can feelrepparttar 137609 heat radiating fromrepparttar 137610 skin. When you get a sunburn you have have killed skin cells. The outer epidermis are already dead skin cells, but just below these cells is a continuous supply of new cells being created to replenishrepparttar 137611 top layer of dead cells. When you sit inrepparttar 137612 sun you expose yourself to ultraviolet light which kills cells. The ultraviolet light is able to reachrepparttar 137613 layer of living cells inrepparttar 137614 epidermis and begins to damage and kill them. Your body knows that cells are being killed, so your immune system is activated to clean things up. Blood flow torepparttar 137615 area is increased which opens up capillary walls so that white blood cells can come in and removerepparttar 137616 damaged cells. The increased blood flow makes your skin warm and red. The nerve endings for pain begin sending signals to your brain. The damaged cells release chemicals that activate pain receptors and this isrepparttar 137617 end result where your sunburn hurts or is very sensitive. You can avoid sunburn by using a proper strength sunscreen or pace yourself getting a tan which then acts as a natural sunscreen created with its own special pigment cells inrepparttar 137618 epidermis. When you have a nice tan and go out inrepparttar 137619 sun you donít get burnt, unless your so fair you never tan in which case you need to use sunscreen allrepparttar 137620 time Evidence is now showing thatrepparttar 137621 massive increase in skin cancer is as a result of sun exposure that occurred, in many cases, over 20 years ago. So take care of your skin by using sunscreen, itísrepparttar 137622 only skin youíve got for your lifetime.

We all seem to strive forrepparttar 137623 rich golden color of summer. It lifts our spirits and makes us feel better all over. Which ever method you decide to use to get that golden brown skin, use common sense to achieve your goals and always wear sunscreen when outside. Your skin will thank you 20 or 30 years from now when your not all wrinkled like a prune and not undergoing skin cancer treatments. Take care of your skin, itís got to las you a lifetime!

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Kegel Exercise for a Healthy Pregnancy

Written by Alli Ross

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Swimming: Many doctors and fitness professionals profess that swimming isrepparttar safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming keeps your body tone without stressing your joints. This is a safe cardiovascular exercise that can help keep you toned throughout your pregnancy.

Walking: Walking is one ofrepparttar 137581 best exercises overall and especially if you are pregnant. It's safe for your body and it can keep you in great shape. Be sure to stretch thoroughly before hand. Set attainable goals and always wear good shoes.

Yoga: Yoga has a reputation for relievingrepparttar 137582 stress and pressure in your body. Most forms of yoga are safe when you are pregnant as long as you avoidrepparttar 137583 more rigorous ones. Some Yoga instructors even offer special classes for pregnant women. While doing yoga, avoid lying flat on your back and try not to over stretch.

With proper kegal exercise and safe cardiovascular workouts, you are well on your way to a healthy pregnancy.

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