Written by Val K

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Glasses which will be taken off when I go to bed at night, lulled to sleep byrepparttar stars, my nightmares forgotten.

And when tomorrow comes again, to put them on.

(Excerpted from “Without a Name” a collection of poems by Val K, coming soon.)

Val K is a poet and a nature lover.


Written by Beatrice Blitterless & Earl Craboon

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14. "Frisbee Golf Tournament Day" (if boomerang won’t come back, you don’t know how to surf, and you’re tired of whacking a little white ball around 18 freaking tiny holes inrepparttar ground…why not take up a low-impact sport that doesn’t require a helmet, shoulder pads or a big bag account)

15. "House of Cards Recognition Day" (time to build a house of cards; then huff, puff and blowrepparttar 136213 bleeping thing down like Billy Goat Gruff…oh lighten up will you!)

16. "Bounce Something on Your Knee Day" (a great way to keep any screaming banshee, hollering thing, or pesky pet quiet…before you wring its neck!)

17. "Unplug It Day" (what a wonderful opportunity to rid yourself of wicked wireless devices and wretched wired weasels for at leastrepparttar 136214 next 24 hours)

18. "Glove Compartment, Jump Seat & Bonnet Appreciation Day" (well it's about time to show off your racy vocabulary…but beware of all those baby-boomer bump n’ grinders onrepparttar 136215 highway of life)

19. "Chewing Gum Awareness Day" (time to test out all those fruity flavors and then leave a nice wad behind on a freshly-painted park bench, a clean floor, or on a bedpost overnight)

20. "Polka Dot Bikini & Brief Appreciation Day" (for those who need an excuse to play that old “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot” tune naturally)

21. "Stilts & Pogo Jumping Day" (for anyone who can't walk on water but needs something a tad extreme to impress their wimpy relatives, boring friends or last but not least...a sees-all-knows-all boss)

22. "Gemini Recognition Day" (ever wondered who adoresrepparttar 136216 color orange, hates being confided to bed, and hankers for a game of darts, snooker, or table tennis at midnight?)

23. "Cow Pie Appreciation Day" (okay, so you’re lactose intolerant and your hay fever allergy makes you grumpy…butrepparttar 136217 least you can do is quit complaining and moo right along with a whole bunch of other color-coordinated cows doing what comes naturally inrepparttar 136218 annual Island Farms “Victoria Day” parade)

24. "National Ninnyhammer Day" (time to honor allrepparttar 136219 Naysayers, Nimrods, and Nit-Pickers in your circle of fly-by-night friends and fickle family members)

25. "Silly Putty Appreciation Day" (you may not be able to color betweenrepparttar 136220 lines, but manipulating Silly Putty …well that takes skill, experience, and a diploma in really, really dumb stuff … good news …you’re overqualified on all counts)

26. "Bubble Blowing Challenge" (and you thought this was a contest for adults with short-attention spans, a large lung capacity, and an abiding interest in detergents)

27. "Smack Your Lips Day" (a great opportunity for those without pucker power to avoid whistling while they work or else winningrepparttar 136221 affection of lost pets)

28. "Flashlight Tag Day" (for all those A-type personalities who need to overcome their fear ofrepparttar 136222 dark, creepy glow-worms, or extraterrestrials out for an evening stroll)

29. “Groovy Dance Day" (time to teach someone you know with two large left feet how to dorepparttar 136223 “frug”,repparttar 136224 “shimmy”,repparttar 136225 “monkey”,repparttar 136226 “swim”,repparttar 136227 “loco-motion”,repparttar 136228 “bus stop” and of courserepparttar 136229 ever-popular but classic “fox trot”)

30. "Paint-By-Numbers Day" (so you aren’t Rembrandt but if you can read, count and aren’t color-blind, you’ll find this more entertaining than feeding pigeons)

31. "Pied Piper & Pig-In-A-Poke Recognition Day" (time to nominate anyone you know who truly deservesrepparttar 136230 prestigious “Pinhead ofrepparttar 136231 Year Award”)

Lady Beatrice Blitterlees and Lord Earl Craboon are frequent-fops-for-hire who, from time to time, provide much needed comic relief in the constipated Court of "The Quipping Queen" at

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