Summertime and New Romance

Written by Linda Reeves

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for protection. I AM NOT condoning sex with strangers or one night stands, but they happen and everyone, men and women should and must be prepared. Before you fall into that heated passion, get to know this person, do not be afraid to askrepparttar questions about STD's, have you been tested?, are you currently infected or on any meds, this is your life we are talking about, are you willing in some cases to let someone else have control overrepparttar 147738 outcome and possiblyrepparttar 147739 length or quality of your life? Pull your head out ofrepparttar 147740 sand and take control. Never have unprotected sex with someone you do not know. Better yet, if you don't know or doubtrepparttar 147741 credibility, stop dead in your tracks, pull your pants up and walk away. Remember when it comes to Aids, you are also sleeping with everyone they have slept with inrepparttar 147742 last 5 yrs, that is a disgusting thought.....ewwwww! A small blister or sore on ones mouth could be herpes, although treatable, still not pleasant. Gawd, how embarrasing would that be to have to tell your date you have genital how quickly they back away from you andrepparttar 147743 word spreads. And then there is HIV...the epedimic, we do not hear much about it these days, but do not be fooled, it still exists and although someone may tell you they are not infected and they may not be, they can still be a carrier ofrepparttar 147744 virus and spread it to you and anyone else you come in contact with before you even know you have it. There are many forms of STD's in our world and our lives, be aware of them,repparttar 147745 symptoms,repparttar 147746 cures or lack thereof andrepparttar 147747 possibility of your exposure to them. If you do not know much about them, please visitrepparttar 147748 "Center for Disease Control"s website ( and become educated onrepparttar 147749 subject, arm yourself withrepparttar 147750 knowledge, precaution and protection. Enjoy your summer, haverepparttar 147751 time of your life forrepparttar 147752 rest of your life, letting no one changerepparttar 147753 course without your permission. Be safe, be informed, be careful and love with no fear knowing that you are educated and prepared for anything that crosses your path.

Dove is a 47 year old advice columnist who writes for . She lives in the American Midwest

Critical Thinking To Go: Dodging The Pepperoni Pizza Fallacy

Written by Christopher Brown

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By way of illustration, I recently engaged a lively proponent of Mr. Darwin's views. Inrepparttar course of our discussion, he suggested that evolutionary notions merely comprised "biological theories," and that I had mistakenly inquired aboutrepparttar 147616 ethics of it all. Here,repparttar 147617 pepperoni began to fly.

He didn't seem to realize (as Mr. Darwin clearly did) that theories we might properly call "biological," (or scientific) can -- and often do -- have obvious ethical implications. Ideas have logical effects not restricted to one academic field. You cannot win a debate by simply put an arbitrary fence around an idea and yelling at its entailed offspring "Now stay!" Like illegal aliens -- they tend to jumprepparttar 147618 borders when you aren't looking.

This means that Darwinism, neo-Darwinism and "Punctuationism," like all other ideas, have logical consequences (implications) that affect every area of human thought and life. This is why you can find evolutionary ideas discussed in psychology textbooks, history books, and even pop magazines.

In any case, evading or ignoring certain aspects of an idea's logical consequences to gainrepparttar 147619 upper hand in a debate -- or else to keep one's ship from sinking altogether -- now has a name. Armed with this knowlegde, you can clearly and distinctly show others whenrepparttar 147620 need arises, that life tranpires only as a set of integrated circumstances, and that ideas have logical effects not properly limited to any one academic field.

Reality and logic do not come made-to-order with extra cheese, so you don't get a discount on them with a coupon. To make a good case, then, we must followrepparttar 147621 rules of valid and sound reasoning.

Christopher Brown attended the California State University at Hayward and subsequently did hard time in seminary. He taught English and philosophy at two colleges, and tutored many bright students.

In 2004, he and two friends founded Ophir Gold Corporation of California, a small company advocating guerrilla tactics in the marketplace, which may be found at: or

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