Summer is the Perfect Time to Write

Written by Nicole Criona

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Everyone reevaluates goals atrepparttar beginning ofrepparttar 149990 year. Remember those 2005 writing goals? Whether you wrote down your goals or simply let them gestate inside your memory, they are there. How close have you come to realizing those goals? Are you half way there? If not, do not loose hope; do not beat yourself up with guilt! The cycle of nature is here to rescue you! I invite you now, atrepparttar 149991 tail end of spring,repparttar 149992 time to plant seeds, to revisit your 2005 writing goals. What have you accomplished and stayed with? What haven't you done? Recommit yourself during this summertime, this time for growth and maintenance. Start turning those goals into reality. How will you grow and maintain your craft this summer? What rewards do you want to reap in autumn?

Nicole Criona is co-owner and creator of, a worldwide online writers group open to writers of all levels, which mirrors her Los Angeles writers group. Nicole can be contacted at

The Editor Rejected Me

Written by Raelene Hall

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What’s more it wasn’t even ‘thrown back’ inrepparttar pristine state that I’d sent it in. It had coffee stains on it,repparttar 149941 corners were dog-eared and they’d charged me forrepparttar 149942 return postage. The next editor who receives it will think I don’t care aboutrepparttar 149943 state of my writing, which will force me to write a note explaining thatrepparttar 149944 last person who ‘threw it back’ didn’t even haverepparttar 149945 courtesy to take care of it. In this age of political correctness I think there should be another term for ‘rejection’. Knowing that my work is being ‘thrown back at me’ is detrimental to both my physical and mental health and could leave me with permanent psychological traumas. We must find less offensive and hurtful terms/expressions to use. Here are a few of my suggestions. I would welcomerepparttar 149946 addition of yours. ‘We are gently floating your manuscript back to you on a cloud of hope and inspiration.’ ‘Your writing has been passed over at this time.’ ‘We feel impelled to return your work to you at this point in time.’ ‘It would be imprudent of us to publish this masterpiece.’ ‘Due to our editorial team being irresolute about your work we are returning it to you.’ I would much rather receive a gentle, caring message like those above. Byrepparttar 149947 time I had read it enough times to realise it was another rejection my heart rate would have hopefully slowed a little and my blood pressure dropped, thus reducingrepparttar 149948 impact this ‘throw back’ will have on my well being.

Raelene Hall is lives in Outback Western Australia. She has written non-fiction articles for magazines, newspapers and the Net on a variety of topics, including education, Outback life, communications, nature, spirituality, families, technology, and the environment. Raelene is a regular columnist for a regional newspaper. Contact Raelene at or check out her website at

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