Summer Lawn Care Tips

Written by Josh Gray

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Mowing isrepparttar most misunderstood part of lawn care, andrepparttar 136411 most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Far too many people will set their mowers too low or "scalp"repparttar 136412 lawn. How many times have you spent time mowing your grass in hopes of a beautiful result only to end up with brown spots? Cutting too much offrepparttar 136413 top leads to thinned out grass, and shallow root systems.

Now once you have achievedrepparttar 136414 perfect lawn, you must do regular maintenance to prevent it from going back to being a pasture. Spend a little time and money and keep it watered and you will keeprepparttar 136415 lush grass you spent your hard earned money and time on. The ideal way to water your lawn is with an Automatic Underground Sprinkler System. This wayrepparttar 136416 watering is done every day that it needs it, you don't have to drag hoses, you don't waste water from over watering, and you get all ofrepparttar 136417 lawn watered, not just where you happen to setrepparttar 136418 sprinkler. If you implement this type of sprinkler system, make sure to water shrubbery and annuals separate fromrepparttar 136419 lawn. If you appliedrepparttar 136420 same amount of water on your landscape as gets put onrepparttar 136421 lawn you would surely kill some plants from over watering.

Now that you’re ready to care for your lawn, you’ll need to get your supplies. Lawn care products can be found at many local gardening centers, or through many online merchants. Buying gardening supplies online is growing in popularity, and made even more economical by online coupons and discounts. For coupons on everything from fertilizers to lawn tools and equipment, check out and easily save yourself some big bucks. Spendrepparttar 136422 extra cash on your first big BBQ ofrepparttar 136423 summer and invite all your neighbors over to drool over your well manicured, lush green lawn.

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Violet Pots

Written by Linda Paquette

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One ofrepparttar most attractive and fun ways to grow African violets is in specially made African violet self-watering pots. Self watering pots come in several styles. The classic two-piece ceramic pot has an outer pot of glazed ceramic and an unglazed inner pot. The Dandy pot looks like an upside down top hat with a ruffled brim. Dandy pots can sit on an ordinary plant saucer, but many include a special reservoir that is both attractive and useful in keeping your violets watered. The Oyama pot is another two-piece pot. Made of white plastic,repparttar 136320 top half is shallow and slitted. It sits atop a reservoir of water, which is wicked intorepparttar 136321 potting mixture.

Linda is an author of Gardening Guides and African Violets

Linda writes and inspire you to try new ideas from her own experience.

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