Summer Doldrums

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Now isrepparttar time to renew your marketing efforts. Can you combine those lazy, hazy days with a renewed effort? If you can,repparttar 117572 lost opportunities of others might just come your way.

Might you slow down a bit? Sure, if you do it right, and remember your short term and long term goals. Maybe you should investigate advertising in publications you hadn't tried inrepparttar 117573 past. You should consider running multiple ads with different copy inrepparttar 117574 ones you are already using. How about using an auto-responder in those ads. This will ensure you get back to an inquiry right away, and you can dorepparttar 117575 follow-up at your leisure.

Why not put a form on your website(s) to handle inquiries? Throughrepparttar 117576 use of checkboxes, you can immediately categorize your potential customers requests. By using a mail package such as Eudora, you can automatically respond with a "canned" response that is tailored to their request.

Will some of your prospects also be running at a slower speed? Of course, and this is why you must redouble your efforts.

Don't forget that thousands upon thousands of new prospects get web access every day. They are hungry for information, and might just be looking forrepparttar 117577 type of opportunity you offer. These "Internet Newbies" are like a fertile field that you can harvest duringrepparttar 117578 summer. Bitten byrepparttar 117579 prospect of earning money onrepparttar 117580 Net, they are viable candidates that you will lose if you don't vigorously pursue them.

I know that with press of things we have to do it is easy to slack off. Much of your competition will succumb to those "Summer Doldrums", and if you take advantage of their inactivity, you just might be pleasantly surprised atrepparttar 117581 results.

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The Isolation Monster and How to Slay It

Written by Elena Fawkner

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4. Organize Your Own Functions

Once you've joined various associations and formed joint venture partnerships, takerepparttar initiative and organize functions that bring you all together. These could be business-oriented networking sessions or purely social get-togethers such as a barbeque inrepparttar 117571 local park. Either way, you're forging a relationship with people in your new arena, just as you did when you were working in a corporate office. The only difference is that now you must takerepparttar 117572 initiative to forge these relationships. These are not people you are going to be seeing every day atrepparttar 117573 office.

5. Join a Gym

You are, of course, health conscious and physically active, right? Of course you are! So, why not kill two birds with one stone ... stay fit and meet new people. If you establish a routine that allows you to be atrepparttar 117574 gym atrepparttar 117575 same time every day, you will run into many ofrepparttar 117576 same people and get to know them.

6. Userepparttar 117577 Internet

Making online friends is another way of staying connected withrepparttar 117578 outside world. Be very disciplined here though. It's way too easy to spend a lot of work time on social email exchanges and in chat rooms. Don't fritter away your time, but do seek out and maintain internet friendships.

7. Background Noise

Sometimes, it's only silence that reminds you you're alone. If you come from a corporate environment, your workday was punctuated byrepparttar 117579 constant background noise of telephones ringing, other people's conversations, hysterical laughter fromrepparttar 117580 other end ofrepparttar 117581 office and lunch trolley pages overrepparttar 117582 intercom system. If you find absolute quiet irksome, turn onrepparttar 117583 radio and have it playing inrepparttar 117584 background while you work. Talk stations are good because it's like having other people inrepparttar 117585 next room, but if you find yourself becoming so engrossed withrepparttar 117586 talk topics that you stop working and start listening, switch to a music station.

There's no avoidingrepparttar 117587 fact that makingrepparttar 117588 transition from a corporate environment to a home-based business is just that ... a transition. Most people will have to grapple withrepparttar 117589 isolation monster inrepparttar 117590 early days of their work-from-home career. But, as you can see, there are many ways of keeping isolation and loneliness at bay just by reaching out and forming new associations. Remember, just because you work alone doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

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