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“Nargal is checking through our high frequency scanners now.” Said Domine. “Gillandi?” askedrepparttar captain. “Searching for Isotope Degradation….ah, there it is. This is without question Methon.” Declared Gillandi. “Sir, although it’s a small amount there should be enough for 5 or 6 Tears torepparttar 116304 Tellum system,” added Dhanga. “Enough to bring nearly 50,000 Tellumi back home.” Stassen muttered to himself. Turning to a slender figure seeming to hide behindrepparttar 116305 others he asked, “What do conditions onrepparttar 116306 surface look like Avinceta?” “Uh, yes sir, it looks like conditions are normal onrepparttar 116307 surface. Winds are pretty calm for Wirque duringrepparttar 116308 dry season.” Stassen posed another question, “What do we know ofrepparttar 116309 Settlement?” It was Joran’s turn to providerepparttar 116310 answer, “Its name is Thimium XI. I count 337 Tellumi above ground and 729 below. Also 3 alien life forms. Must’ve been smuggled ontorepparttar 116311 planet.” Joran had a satisfied smile on his face. “Friends of yours Joran?” asked Stassen sarcastically. “Probably” he answered. “Only a couple solar fleet are assigned torepparttar 116312 Settlement. Nearest outpost is about 20 Lanpars from there. There’s not much inrepparttar 116313 records regarding this area. The mine itself is only an average producer of various ore. Of course, its main deposit is Thimium.” “Doesn’t sound like we would attract much attention down there. Let’s setrepparttar 116314 Heart down onrepparttar 116315 Loksii moon and prepare a TransShip to take us torepparttar 116316 planet’s surface.” Stassen began to walk towardrepparttar 116317 Gravtube when Randym interrupted, “A Urillian Gradient Fleetship has just appeared on long range burst scans. It will be about15 minutes before we appear on their scanners.” “Captain, our hull is indistinguishable to most ships but not to a Gradient class ship. They will have record ofrepparttar 116318 RandymHeart.” Added Gillandi. There were times in encounters like this that Stassen wished he could just stand and fight. The Urillian Gradient would be no match for him, but it would have an escort of at least 3 Roland Prowess Fleetships because ofrepparttar 116319 recent increase in pirate attacks, which he secretly supported. Even then he would like his odds, but inrepparttar 116320 long run it would hurt…no, extinguish all hopes ofrepparttar 116321 dream he and his crew believed strongly in. He had been given an extremely valuable gift, but it wasn’t for him but for all Tellumi. He wouldn’t jeopardize that. Most of his crew would understand his next decision but, not all of them. “Randym, take us out ofrepparttar 116322 system into deep space,” he sighed. “The usual return. We don’t want them to track us.” “Engines already engaged. We’ll be at Fortress Autonomy in about 10 hours.” Came a voice from everywhere. “Are you going to keep your promise this time, Captain?” Reminded Dahnga. “When we arrive atrepparttar 116323 Fortress, everyone gets 3 days of R&R with minimum rotating watches. Well deserved. Joran, contact one of our Colonies to follow-up with Settlement Thimium XI.”

jason is owner and president of RandymGames based in San Diego CA. He is married with a wonderful daughter.

Written by Delvecchio

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Ex Dj turned producer of Trance/Dance music from the UK.

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