Suffering From Andropause?

Written by Sherri Solomon

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Many researchers and satisfied users of new super potent herbal formulations give an enthusiastic yes to this question. There are overrepparttar counter supplements that can naturally boost testosterone levels while reducing Andropause symptoms-withoutrepparttar 138385 negative feedback associated with hormone replacement therapy. The most promising of them all is Viastat. Viastat has been clinically proven to help your body produce more of your own testosterone, instead of adding testosterone from an outside source, which can shut downrepparttar 138386 natural production of testosterone. Obviously, this can put you in worse shape after you stoprepparttar 138387 injections.

While natural testosterone boosters may not haverepparttar 138388 immediate impact of a testosterone injection they are a useful and healthy alternative that inrepparttar 138389 long run may be your answer to lowered androgen levels.

The impact of decreasing testosterone levels can be a difficult thing to accept for most men but it is a normal part ofrepparttar 138390 aging process. As with women, andropause in males begins at a time when life often offers some of its greatest rewards. So don't let it hamper you from enjoying a normal healthy and active quality of life throughout your middle years.

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Do You Need Diet Pills?

Written by Madeleine Lee

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Phentermine is basically an appetite suppressant and is meant for short-term use only. It can be taken for 8 to 12 weeks. The long-term use is not recommended as your body begins to resistrepparttar effects of this medication after a few weeks of treatment.

The pill is used in combination with a diet plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The appetite suppressant controls your brain. The people, who had a history of dependency on drugs, are not advised to use this supplement.

Blurred vision, dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, stomach upset or constipation may occur, but it is not long lasting. Your body takes time in adjusting with these Diet Pills. However, if you experience any ofrepparttar 138090 following serious side effects, stop taking phentermine and consult your doctor immediately.

- An allergic reaction such as breathing problems, swelling of face, tongue or lips or hives.

- An irregular heartbeat or extremely high blood pressure.

- Restlessness or tremors

- Nervousness or anxiety

- Headaches

- Insomnia

- Dry or unpleasant taste inrepparttar 138091 mouth

- Diarrhea or constipation

- Impotence or lack of sex drive.

Hence, along with Phentermine, good dietary, exercise, and behavioral habits must be adopted to ensure maximum

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