Sudoku – The Hottest Puzzle Craze Since Rubik’s Cube

Written by Jacqui O'Brien

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The sudden popularity of Sudoku may be due to many things. It requires just enough brainwork to give a feeling of satisfaction whenrepparttar puzzle is complete, without taking up huge amounts of time and it requires no special knowledge unlike for instance crosswords, which may require a wide vocabulary. For hardcore Sudoku fans there are now even more difficult versions. There are sixteen by sixteen square versions which include letters as well as numbers, and a three dimensional version calledrepparttar 147083 Dion Cube. There are benefits to doing Sudoku puzzles too –repparttar 147084 sort of exercise whichrepparttar 147085 brain gets from logic puzzles can help to stop memory decline, make you smarter and even haltrepparttar 147086 progress of Alzheimer’s disease. Teachers are even giving simple versions ofrepparttar 147087 puzzles to pupils to help develop their logic skills. So next time you see one of those nine by nine grids in your newspaper, give it a go. Your brain might just thank you!

Jacqui O’Brien is a Sudoku fan and the webmaster of Sudoku Online where you can find all the latest news and information on Sudoku as well as the best online Sudoku games and solvers.

Batman Begins VS the Fantastic Four. What Next?

Written by Dave Gieber

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And as computer literate as so many are these days, Marvel and DC will have to start developing more online games and virtual universes of all their characters that you and I will be willing to pay a monthly fee to access through our computers and game consoles. Ka-ching, Ka-ching. DC has already announced a deal with Sony Online Entertainment and Marvel is working with Vivendi Universal Games. Withrepparttar massive successes ofrepparttar 147027 X-Men and Spiderman movies, this has proven thatrepparttar 147028 Marvel characters still have life and relevance in today’s pop culture.

While DC may be playing a bit of catch up, they are quick to point out that they and Warner Bro. have been more successful onrepparttar 147029 small screen with TV shows like “Smallville” and several animated cartoon series. And further since their TV and film projects are filmed and aired byrepparttar 147030 Warner Bro. conglomerate, DC gets to keep more ofrepparttar 147031 profit than Marvel does on their projects.

What do we,repparttar 147032 consumer public, get out of all this? Well, for one, we get to see our heroes in a more realistic light than ever before. We can grab that popcorn and maybe an extra drink and watch our comic book heroes and characters come to life in a real world setting, at least for a few hours, and walk out with a little more joy in our hearts. Go out and get immersed in Batman Begins and hold your breath forrepparttar 147033 Fantastic Four. And besides, this new revelation in Hollywood may just increaserepparttar 147034 value of our old mint condition comics. We can only wait and see.

Dave Gieber, a former rocket engineer, has decided to take up residency on the Internet. He is the owner and editor of several websites, one of which was built around one of his childhood passions; . You can visit here to keep up to date on the world of comic books and comic book collecting. Feel free to sign up for his comic book ezine at

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