Such a thing as bait overload?

Written by Brian Holte

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only when applied to a book that we are asking a much higher price for, such as $97.00. Asking people to fork out that kind of cash can be pretty risky simply because many people canít affordrepparttar asking price, or figure itís not worth it. Whatever information that is contained in that ebook had better be hard to come by information orrepparttar 108431 percentage of refund requests could be high. To avoid this potential downfall is when offering bonuses should come into play. Butrepparttar 108432 bottom line is this, ifrepparttar 108433 information contained inrepparttar 108434 ebook your offering is truly valuable why bother offering a bunch of bonuses inrepparttar 108435 first place, possibly risking making your prospect suspicious? Not everyone perceivesrepparttar 108436 same way. If they takerepparttar 108437 risk (and a lot of people who purchase online feel they do take risks when making a purchase) and buy your info product without any bonuses and like what they read, as long as it helped them, most ofrepparttar 108438 time they wonít ask for a refund, and youíve made a sale and everyoneís happy. Long extended no questions asked money back guarantees can be a great way of putting your prospects fears at ease, but sometimes it can backfire to. But even more importantly than offering bonuses, 1 year money back guarantees and allrepparttar 108439 rest, itís absolutely critical and probablyrepparttar 108440 most important part of closing a sale is to have your contact information in plain view on your site. A place they can call and to talk to a ďreal personĒ before deciding to buy, and a physical address, not a P.O. Box. More often than not thatís all thatís required besides good ad copy, but I see many sites in my web surfing adventures who fall short on providing that information. As a customer would I buy from them...not a chance.

Brian is a freelance writing covering topics of interest in the financial, health, and family arena's. He's the owner of and invites submissions of free quality ebooks to display in his growing directory.

E-book "Diasoso Therapy-Manual for Hand Massage"

Written by Branka Babic

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way how to eliminate a number of everyday health problems without painkillers, stimulants, and sedatives, and how to establish balance throughout all parts ofrepparttar body. This authorised manual is written on 109 pages, with 29 photos and 19 diagrams.

Branka Babic, has over 20 years of experience working as a professional masseuse in Europe. Seeing that her motto is that a wealthy person is a person reach in health and knowledge,it is easy to see that here she shares her own wealth with all of you.

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