Successfully Selling Your Professional Services

Written by Dr. Rachna D. Jain

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Congruency. Another aspect to consider in marketing yourself is that of congruency. Congruency isrepparttar match between what you say and what you do. This "match" between inner and outer helps potential clients understand you and remember you. For example, if you say that you're a financial services advisor, specializing in accounts over $500k, make sure you "look" and "act"repparttar 127217 part. This means that you will behave much like your ideal clients. You will dressrepparttar 127218 same, readrepparttar 127219 same magazines, spend time inrepparttar 127220 same restaurants or belong torepparttar 127221 same professional groups. Your ideal clients will be attracted to you if you are congruent between what you say and what you do. Build your credibility by cultivating this 'match' within yourself.

Competency. The best marketing inrepparttar 127222 world will not save a professional who is not competent and skilled at his or her trade. Although you are probably extraordinarily competent already make sure to maintain this "edge" by continuous learning. To continue being extremely skilled upgrade your education and training whenever needed. The highly skilled professional commands higher fees and find it easier to attract and retain high quality clients.

Charisma. Charisma isrepparttar 127223 skill of leading and developing a devoted following. You can increase your charisma and should make every effort to do so. Be aware of your "silent" language. Do you look interested? Are you listening? Do you ask good questions? Do you providerepparttar 127224 prospect an opportunity to ask questions or get more information? Do you have resources to recommend to this client if it turns out she or he is not a match for your business?

Consistency. The most effective marketing strategy ever is consistency. Day in and day out, you must commit to marketing yourself and your professional services. It is too easy to forgo marketing when business picks up which may leave you scrambling for business during a downturn. Instead, commit fully to daily marketing actions and then take them.

Let's say that you're ready to put these 6 C's in place but you'd like someone to help you move forward. Consider, then, a 7th "C"- Coaching. If you're a person who is open to new approaches, willing to take action and believe that support, guidance, and accountability would benefit you, consider working with a Certified Sales Coach. These specially trained professionals can help you developrepparttar 127225 skills you need to build your ideal business in record time.

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How to Build Trust and Overcome Skepticism With Prospective Customers!

Written by Andrew Wroblewski

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Talk is cheap. And, everybody is so busy laying out allrepparttar cheap talk, they are missingrepparttar 127216 invaluable success that comes from having empathy.

Sure, people like to know that you andrepparttar 127217 company are for real. Of course they don’t want to write checks to “Fly-By-Night Company.” But, you must get this message. Since everyone is so busy bragging,repparttar 127218 prospects don’t pay any attention to it. All your degrees and background will be a “nice to have”…later.

But, if you don’t ever get a chance to meet with them inrepparttar 127219 first place, what difference does all your test-passing make?

Isn’t prospectingrepparttar 127220 art of getting in front of people who are interested in what you can do to help them? So, save all that professional stuff for later, after you have some interested party acrossrepparttar 127221 table.

4. Get testimonials and references.

Another way to show people what you can do for them is to have other satisfied customers tell them for you. Either in writing or onrepparttar 127222 phone. People will be much less skeptical if they see that other folks have found you, in fact, to berepparttar 127223 legend you are in your own mind!

The very best testimonials to overcome skepticism arerepparttar 127224 ones that say how they didn’t believe you at first, and were so pleasantly surprised after they used you. By agreeing withrepparttar 127225 prospects’ natural skepticism—and then blowing it away—the whole thing becomes much more believable and real!

5. There’s comfort in crowds.

Some of you have rely on things like Customer Dinners or Customer Appreciation Days. These are events that bring groups to you, with referrals in hand. Think ofrepparttar 127226 beauty of having a referral come to a function, of seeing a whole bunch of happy campers. The “safety in numbers” syndrome will alleviate all ofrepparttar 127227 skepticism they may have brought with them, I assure you. People will correctly assume that if all these others like you, then you must be legit.

6. Getrepparttar 127228 objections out ofrepparttar 127229 way, right away.

There is a very common, but erroneous, assumption in marketing that you should never bring up anything that’s negative. That you must always be “perfect.” Well, I've got some bad news for you. You aren’t, and your prospects know it!

Therefore, one ofrepparttar 127230 best things to do in any marketing piece is to admit your faults and explain why they will not be a problem. Let’s look at an example:

The “professional” thing to say about an independent, smaller company is usually, “We offerrepparttar 127231 highest level professional service, in a personal way.”

Instead, how about admitting that being small has some drawbacks, but thatrepparttar 127232 benefits outweighrepparttar 127233 weaknesses? Like, “Yes, we are small, and we might not haverepparttar 127234 resources of a huge company, but we can look atrepparttar 127235 very small tasks, while taking care of you in a personal way that no big company could ever do!”

Seerepparttar 127236 difference? By admitting to your fault, you make prospects feel that you are legitimate, and not full of typical hot air. Do you think this type of admission will help reduce skepticism? It does!

This is very important, because believability equals trust. And trust equals money.

7. Give people a guarantee. (If you can, of course!)

When a person is onrepparttar 127237 fence, a guarantee can dorepparttar 127238 trick. You may be concerned that if you guarantee end results, people will take your ideas and suggestions, and then run and do business with someone else!

Well, let me assure you that while there is a chance of that happening, it happens very rarely, if ever. Why? Because most people who turn to you for help are not looking to rip you off. And, even if they were,repparttar 127239 small amount of trouble is overcome by allrepparttar 127240 fence sitters who did business with you because of a guarantee. If you are willing to back up your product or service 100% and tell people they have nothing to lose, you will eliminate skepticism big time.

Those arerepparttar 127241 7 secrets. There is nothing more powerful than demonstrating genuine empathy. Nothing. People are always attracted to others who empathize with them and their lives.

If, onrepparttar 127242 other hand, you “sell” instead, you’ll bang your head againstrepparttar 127243 wall!

Why not make things easy and show empathy? It shows you want to help and want to share information that people are interested in.

Without allrepparttar 127244 sales hype, you really can penetraterepparttar 127245 skepticism barrier.

See if you can think of other ways to build empathy, and then see if you can keep track of all your new sales (and profits)!

Steve Robichaud and Andrew Wroblewski have been involved in direct sales and direct marketing since Moby Dick was a minnow. email: To learn the 11 Secrets of Direct Response Marketing, send a blank email to

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