Successfully Finding the Perfect Job

Written by Paulina Roe

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Your cover letter must be written forrepparttar job, as well. Mention specifically why your skills arerepparttar 101891 onesrepparttar 101892 employer wants for that job. Some employers don't bother with cover letters, butrepparttar 101893 majority still do - err onrepparttar 101894 side of using a cover letter, but make it brief, no longer than a page.

Prepare a 1-2 paragraph profile of your experience and your preferences in a job. Prepare a 1 minute "commercial" that you can use when you meet people - you have to say it in 30-60 seconds for effect. Many networking groups go aroundrepparttar 101895 group forrepparttar 101896 one minute speech - and that one minute is all you have. Make it a good one minute speech.

There are many resources you can check into for resume help, places to search for jobs, places to post your resume. There are temporary jobs, contract jobs, and career opportunities posted on various sites - some are better than others. Check them out because you never know just what will appeal to your interests. You need to get out on as many areas as you can to look around and to be posted on. Some won't apply to you, and several may. You should be sure of those you want to sign up with - pay forrepparttar 101897 ones of most value to you, and take advantage ofrepparttar 101898 free areas. Some are WELL worthrepparttar 101899 price - but you need to see if it is worth it to you. There are free resource areas at most ofrepparttar 101900 sites.

With your various methods of looking for and telling others about your job search and experience, you will findrepparttar 101901 job you want. You might have to settle for some lesser job for an interim period, but keep looking forrepparttar 101902 job you want , usingrepparttar 101903 same search tactics.

Paulina Roe posts resources for various avenues of interest, in areas of expertise. The job search site with the entrepreneur's test is an ongoing project, as more timely information is put together from the current job market and search situations - over 7 years of expertise in this area. A "contractor's" site is up and coming as a new resource - keep checking.. For the job search site, and other resources, go to

Making the Grade ... Learning to pass life's tests with ease

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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If you plan your path carefully, you can take into account many ofrepparttar challenges that will occur as you pursue your desires. Even though some challenges will occur out ofrepparttar 101890 blue, they will not be as devastating since you raisedrepparttar 101891 bar with regard to your understanding ofrepparttar 101892 core challenges. You'll be ready forrepparttar 101893 final and, since you're studying life daily, and desensitizing your fears ofrepparttar 101894 unknown,repparttar 101895 pop-quizzes won't be as much of a shock.

--- Pass/Fail ---

Believe it or not, there is no real grade that anyone can attach to your endeavors. People will judge you because of your dreams and desires; however, they're making their judgments based on their own belief systems. They don't know what you believe or what your objectives are so they have no real way of critiquing your life. Determining a pass or fail on your life is entirely up to you. Once you're able to make a plan and establish a vision of where you want to be, you'll be able to define a metric that can be used to define your own success.

--- What's next? ---

Regardless ofrepparttar 101896 path you take, whether it is something you love or something you hate, you will always encounter a challenge, or a test. The difference is that, if you are moving toward a vision that is not fulfilling, every challenge will seem monumental. If you are moving toward a fulfilling vision, you will takerepparttar 101897 challenges on as part ofrepparttar 101898 class work. You will work hard to resolverepparttar 101899 issues that are keeping you from moving forward toward your ultimate fulfillment. In this case, even withrepparttar 101900 multitude of challenges you face when you decide to get in motion, you will be in a situation such that you will never be given anything that you're not ready to handle.

In reality, you can't pass or fail in life. You can either live it, or not. It's not always what happens, but it's how you view and handle each and every challenge you encounter.

Edward B. Toupin is a writer and coach living in the "Entertainment Capital of the World." His inspirational and motivational works, for career and life fulfillment, help individuals realize their potential and establish the directions that will bring them the most fulfillment. His upcoming e-book, "Aligning Your Life," steps through a plan to help you organize your life to reach your vision. You can contact Edward at or

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