Successfull travel is not just cheap plane tickets

Written by Kerry Emrich

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Be aware of local laws and regulations. A great example ofrepparttar importance of this is countries like Saudi Arabia where alcohol is prohibited. Learn about things like speed limits and such from travel books.

Travel books are a great resource of information. Books likerepparttar 141673 Lonely Traveler and others are available at your local library or bookstore. These can save you a lot of time and money especially when traveling to far away countries.

Remember getting cheap plane tickets is onlyrepparttar 141674 first step, proper planning isrepparttar 141675 real key to a great trip.

Kerry Emrich is an avid traveler and adventurer. Traveling most of Asia and the South Pacific

Successfull travel is not just cheap plane tickets - Part 2

Written by Kerry Emrich

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Userepparttar bathroom before you get offrepparttar 141672 plane. When leavingrepparttar 141673 plane and heading intorepparttar 141674 airport remember that custom lines can be quite long, and if you get stuck, well you know. When taking bus trips down forget to dorepparttar 141675 same, it may look like a short trip onrepparttar 141676 map, but it can take a long time to reach depending on traffic or weather conditions.

Do not pack restricted items or carry them. This will slow you down in customs and may result in a fine or worse. Small sharp items like scissors or razors may be fine in your checked luggage but do not carry them in your purse or coat. Many airports restrict lighters so you may wish to leave your expensive lighter at home and carry a disposable one in case you are asked to leave it atrepparttar 141677 customs office.

If you have embarrassing items you must pack, you may want to put them into some sort of bag. This helps prevent embarrassment in case you suitcase should open accidentally, or when customs looks through your suitcase or bag.

Get your shots. Contact your local health center or doctor well ahead of your trip to arrange to getrepparttar 141678 proper shots forrepparttar 141679 country or countries you are visiting. Plan ahead and be safe. A simple shot could save your life or at least prepare your body for all those nasty little bugs.

If you pack strange things in your suitcase put them on top so that airport workers or customs have easy access to checking them. I had a friend with a dense metal and wood sculpture atrepparttar 141680 bottom of a 50 pound bag filled with other items, this added about 20 minutes to his wait to leaverepparttar 141681 airport. When in doubt just ask or phonerepparttar 141682 airport ahead of time.

Enjoy your travel, but remember that planning ahead is more important than finding cheap plane tickets.

The author has spent years traveling through Asia and the South Pacific Rim.

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