Successful internet marketing without a budget

Written by Lee Munson

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If you are not spending money then presumably you are relying on SEO skills to promote your site. What areas of Search Engine Optimisation have you spent time on and which have generatedrepparttar most successful results?

I certainly am relying on SEO skills to promoterepparttar 145730 website and have focused more on researching keywords which holidaymakers are using to findrepparttar 145731 type of holiday accommodationrepparttar 145732 portfolio has available, as well as working on various linking strategies to getrepparttar 145733 website and it's pages ranking well.

Initially I thought specific keywords would bring in thousands of holidaymakers every week -repparttar 145734 keyword 'holiday rentals' I thought would be an excellent keyword to get ranked onrepparttar 145735 first page - I found after spending a good few months optimisingrepparttar 145736 website for this keyword that it brings in a few referrals a day... lesson learned there.

What proportion of your internet traffic is direct referral from search engine queries?

I would say 90% ofrepparttar 145737 traffic is from search queries from search engines and directories - withrepparttar 145738 other 10% from links, and forum posts. I feel I'm in a position now to attempt to bring in more visitors by spending revenue on marketingrepparttar 145739 website through other means - I do have sleepless nights thinking what I would do if Google was to stop sending me holidaymakers.

What would you consider to be your best, zero cost, marketing success?

Good question - search engine optimisation on a number of pages with some very competitive keywords - obviously I don't want to give my competitorsrepparttar 145740 opportunity of outranking me, so I'd prefer not to divulgerepparttar 145741 keyword terms. Also, I submitted a few press releases to and found myself speaking to two editors of a regional newspaper, and an online travel magazine, both these articles brought in a good level of traffic for a few weeks after... and it was free.

Your site has featured in UK papers (The Yorkshire Evening Post). How did you manage to gain such press coverage?

The business was featured inrepparttar 145742 Yorkshire Evening Post underrepparttar 145743 business section, simply because one ofrepparttar 145744 editors had heard about me setting up this business and thought it would be a really good story for other small business owners (or people thinking about setting up a business). Word of mouth is and will always berepparttar 145745 best form of marketing - I spoke to a guy inrepparttar 145746 pub, who knew an editor atrepparttar 145747 newspaper andrepparttar 145748 rest is history.

Now that you are obviously experiencing some success are you tempted to invest your profits into marketing in order to move your site up torepparttar 145749 next level?

Yes, inrepparttar 145750 past couple of weeks I have started to look for quality websites to promote my business and website on,repparttar 145751 problem with advertising is that you don't know how effective it is going to be, and with a tight marketing budget you can't afford to make any mistakes.

Finally, do you have any other areas of free promotion that you are looking to exploit inrepparttar 145752 near future?

Yes, I'm actually writing my first e-book, and will obviously continue on optimisingrepparttar 145753 website and writing press releases and travel articles. I believe that networking (word of mouth) is a big part of promoting your business, and you won't believe how many new clients I have received by simply taking a taxi ride and tellingrepparttar 145754 driver all about my business (without boring him!) and handing them my business card. I'm also a member of which is paid or free membership, and enables you to meet and network with people ofrepparttar 145755 same interests, this has been a great place to pick up ideas and again promote my business.

The interviewer, Lee Munson, runs, a webmaster resource site offering lists of free directories and article submission sites, in addition to more webmaster interviews.

Online Marketing Matrix

Written by Jeff Beale

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Targeted traffic marketing is an additional online marketing tool with two main applications. The first involvesrepparttar purchase of a demographic defined list. Such a list will contain individuals that fit a specified demographic to whom you have permission to send information freely either through an e-mail campaign or a sales call. The second form of targeted traffic entailsrepparttar 145687 purchase a specified number of unique visitors to your site who fit a demographic. This is a mass marketing or shotgun approach. Using either approach requires a skilled implementation of marketing content or your conversion ratio will be low, meaning you’ll be wasting money.

The most criticized but still effective form of online marketing is e-mail marketing. Too many marketers utilized this method improperly by imposing upon individuals who had no interest in their products or services. The answer to marketing effectively using e-mails lies in ensuring you have permission before sending torepparttar 145688 individuals on your list.

A more effective method would be to utilize media marketing in which you write articles, white papers and other content relevant to your industry to be published. Sharing valuable insights and information rather than out-and-out selling helps to validate your company’s expertise as you also acquire free brand exposure.

Finally, marketing effectively online requiresrepparttar 145689 right kind of preparation for your website. Many sites fail in that they generate traffic but they lackrepparttar 145690 kind of relevant content that retainsrepparttar 145691 visitor, educatesrepparttar 145692 prospect, and/or encouragesrepparttar 145693 prospect to take action. Developing content that relays a clear message to your visitors is critical. Copywriting professional Sallie Boyles states, “Lead with your punch line. Be clear. Be concise. Rather than covering each page top-to-bottom with solid content, use windows and links to provide detailed explanations as needed. When people gather research online for an immediate or future purchase, they want ease and efficiency—or they’ll leaverepparttar 145694 site and go elsewhere.”

In developing your next online marketing plan, follow these key steps to success: First, define and research your market. Second, prepare your site for action. Third, position yourself inrepparttar 145695 marketplace utilizing several marketing methods. Fourth, be prepared to follow up and closerepparttar 145696 deal. A world of e-commerce awaits!

About the Author Jeffery Beale, Jazar Dezign Jeffery Beale is an eMarketing specialist and eBusiness consultant working mainly with Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals. Jeff firmly believes that all businesses can succeed if given the proper resources and knowledge.

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