Successful Search Engine Positioning

Written by Alex Evans

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only pages that will ever rank high because ofrepparttar way they were created. Use only your main keywords or phrases and use one of them per doorway page. Try to placerepparttar 128222 keyword in as many areas as possible includingrepparttar 128223 META Tags, Alt Tags, link tags andrepparttar 128224 main body-text area. The idea behind this, is that you will end up with one doorway page for every keyword and phrase that your web site uses. 3.This step involves submitting each of these new doorway pages to each ofrepparttar 128225 12 Main search engines, which account for approximately 85% ofrepparttar 128226 worldwide searches. Place them within your domain and do not have them blatantly numbered (such as doorway1, 2, 3, etc). I normally name each of my doorway pages torepparttar 128227 keyword thatrepparttar 128228 page is targeting. Search engines are not stupid, they do not like to be giving out high ranks sorepparttar 128229 more you do, to hiderepparttar 128230 fact, repparttar 128231 better. When submitting, do it manually and have each doorway page registered forrepparttar 128232 keyword that it is targeting.

As, these main search engines cover 85% of worldwide searches, it is a good idea to coverrepparttar 128233 remaining lot to ensure that your site is listed at least. The fact is that you want to have your site linked on as many other sites as possible. There should be no limits to how many links you achieve.

Finally, we highly recommend that you resubmit your site at least once per month torepparttar 128234 major engines and then at least on a two week basis, forrepparttar 128235 directories and link pages. This will keep your site active and indexed.

Final words;

Search Engines are proven to berepparttar 128236 best method of web marketing around so it is important that you spend a lot of time getting particular areas of your web site (specified above) properly formatted. Doing it right can save you a massive amount of money and can easily boost your site traffic enormously. If you simply do not haverepparttar 128237 time, consider employing a marketing specialist whom will almost certainly improve your chances of ranking highly.

Good Luck!

Alex Evans is the Managing Director of a Web Solutions Company called Darknight Designs. They provide complete web site design & marketing solutions for clients worldwide. Visit them at

Optimizing Your Site For Directories

Written by J. Alarcon

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Submission Recommendations

Each directory has its own rules and guide- lines for submitting. Readrepparttar submission instructions carefully to avoid being rejected or banned.

Look at your submission fromrepparttar 128221 editor's point of view. Did you choose a category that is relevant to your site? Is your title and description relevant to your content? Isrepparttar 128222 form filled out completely?

If there is a comments box onrepparttar 128223 application, point outrepparttar 128224 strengths of your site. Find something unique about your site that will add value torepparttar 128225 directory.

Recommendations for Better Placement

Most category search results are displayed in alphabetical order. So, you will get better placement if your company name begins with a letter close torepparttar 128226 beginning ofrepparttar 128227 alphabet.

Keyword search results are displayed in order of relevance torepparttar 128228 keyword. So, it's crucial to include your single most important keyword inrepparttar 128229 title and description.

Following Up

Most directories will give you an estimate ofrepparttar 128230 time it takes to get listed. If you don't get in byrepparttar 128231 estimated time, submit again and follow up with email or a phone call.

Tell them that you appreciate their time and realze that things fall throughrepparttar 128232 cracks. Tell them why you think they will benefit by including your site in their index. Tell them that you have submitted a second time and look forward to their response.

Words of Caution

Only submitrepparttar 128233 main page of your web site. Additional pages will be rejected.

Never submit your site over and over. That will only irritaterepparttar 128234 editor and you may never get listed.

Don't submit to a regional directory that is not relevant to your site.

Don't submit your site until it's 100% ready for review.

All ofrepparttar 128235 above will easily take you hundreds and hundreds of hours of pure work.

Do you want to drive mega traffic to your site by ranking high at allrepparttar 128236 top 100 major search engines and directories?

Do you want to save hundreds of painful hours of pure grinding labor?

If you answered yes torepparttar 128237 above questions, read below.

To your success.

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