Successful Online Ad Tips!

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Access a FREE List of Newsletter and E-zine Directories at:

Visitrepparttar Directories on this FREE list, which are like Search Engines specifically for online publications, and look for your target market underrepparttar 101069 subject most likely to be of interest to your prospects.

All total,repparttar 101070 Directories onrepparttar 101071 list probably house over 20,000 different online publications from which you may choose.

3. Work Your Leads.

Respond torepparttar 101072 initial inquiry for more information. Then make certain to follow-up that lead with another message, usually several days afterrepparttar 101073 first contact.

Considering making use of a FREE Auto-Responder service that will help you to automaterepparttar 101074 process of follow-up.

For a FREE list of FREE Auto-Responder Services send to:

Keep in constant and continuous contact with your leads but do not become a pest about it. Daily contact without first having some additional contact from your prospect would be too much. Allow them time to review your info.

However, a once-a-week message may work perfectly to keep your offer fresh in their minds and is exactly what you need to do to close that first sale with your prospect.

Follow these few tips and it will vastly improve your rate of success to turn cold prospects into new customers.

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How To Get The Media To Cover Your Story

Written by Ana Ventura

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Think about it this way: you write an ad and decide to placerepparttar ad in a few national newspapers and magazines. Your main interest is thatrepparttar 101068 ad is catchy and convincing torepparttar 101069 readers of those publications. You are not concerned thatrepparttar 101070 magazine or newspaper editors will likerepparttar 101071 ad, because it's not up to them-- you paid forrepparttar 101072 placement. But, when submitting material for public relations purposes you have to keep in mind thatrepparttar 101073 material has to suit bothrepparttar 101074 editor andrepparttar 101075 reader.

Ifrepparttar 101076 editor finds your work acceptable for bothrepparttar 101077 publication andrepparttar 101078 intended audience, you are well on your way towards a great public relations relationship withrepparttar 101079 media.

So,repparttar 101080 media are not much different from anyone else that you might find out and about inrepparttar 101081 working world-- they are just doing their job and trying to get material together. Keep their needs,repparttar 101082 reader's needs, and you needs in mind, and your PR skills will be top notch.

Ana Ventura specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and individuals get media coverage. She is a PR expert at DrNunley's , a site specializing in affordable publicity services. Reach Ana at or 801-328-9006.

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