"Successful Online Ad Tips!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Visitrepparttar Directories on this FREE list, which are like Search Engines specifically for online publications, and look for your target market underrepparttar 101047 subject most likely to be of interest to your prospects.

All total,repparttar 101048 Directories onrepparttar 101049 list probably house over 20,000 different online publications from which you may choose.

3. Work Your Leads.

Respond torepparttar 101050 initial inquiry for more information. Then make certain to follow-up that lead with another message, usually several days afterrepparttar 101051 first contact.

Considering making use of a FREE Auto-Responder service that will help you to automaterepparttar 101052 process of follow-up.

For a FREE list of FREE Auto-Responder Services send to: mailto:freeautoresp@emailexchange.org

Keep in constant and continuous contact with your leads but do not become a pest about it. Daily contact without first having some additional contact from your prospect would be too much. Allow them time to review your info.

However, a once-a-week message may work perfectly to keep your offer fresh in their minds and is exactly what you need to do to close that first sale with your prospect.

Follow these few tips and it will vastly improve your rate of success to turn cold prospects into new customers.

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LOCAL Marketing OR "Selling in Your Own Back Yard" (Where it really Counts!)

Written by Daniel Sage

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The 12 Block Rule isrepparttar Secret Ingredient to Franchise and Chain Store Success.

As a small enterpriser will never beat them at this game unless you engagerepparttar 101046 customer on a more personal level. They arerepparttar 101047 big corporations but you have one Serious Ad- vantage. You don't need 300 customers a day to meet your bottom line. This gives you repparttar 101048 upper hand in targeting your market. You might only need 20 a day or 20 a month to meet yours and this means you can be a little more accurate in pinpointing your potential market. Smaller overhead means less mass-marketing is needed. Better to build than slowly and gradually and treat each customer asrepparttar 101049 precious commodity he or she is. You can spend less on "blanket type" advertising and be more direct in your marketing.

This also requires some degree of "intelligence" on your part to determine whorepparttar 101050 best prospects are for your business. Start by determining who is a perfect candidate for what you sell. Is it something everybody can use - or is it something that everybody needs? There is a very Big difference when it comes to marketing. Direct marketing is not just removingrepparttar 101051 middle-man fromrepparttar 101052 buyer-seller equation. It's also a more hands on approach to reachingrepparttar 101053 consumer on his home turf. This means you'll need a deeper understanding of your customers and why they buy from you. Examine your business sales to date- who's been buying from you and why? Determine as much as you can about your current client or customer and you will haverepparttar 101054 basic profile of who your next one will be. Where in your own neighborhood do they live? Is there an overall demographic similarity between most of them and can you reach more ofrepparttar 101055 same kind of individuals somehow? This is called Clustering and this kind of Market Research information you'll need to create a plan for of your own business marketing.

Local Marketing makes sense only because CONVENIENCE has changed ALL of our Buying Habits forever. You Must now playrepparttar 101056 game byrepparttar 101057 new rules or lose byrepparttar 101058 new Rules!

Daniel Sage is a Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur living in Las Vegas. More info on Local/Neighborhood Marketing can be found on his site at http://www.customores.com Or send an e-mail to sage@customores.com

Daniel Sage is a Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur living in Las Vegas. More info on Local/Neighborhood Marketing can be found on his site at http://www.customores.com Or send an e-mail to sage@customores.com

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