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Direct and torepparttar point Good content and flow Grammatically-correct These important elements of a Killer Sales letter are what makes a sales letter very effective.

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Overture ad campaign

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Closingrepparttar Sale

Make an offer: a booklet, a sample, a free demonstration, an extra premium, an introductory price, a miniature model, a contest, a chart, a free fitting, entry in a contest, special phone rates for ordering, special bonuses for ordering by phone, or other motivating inducements.

How to Make Your Ads Stand Out From Everybody Else's.

I also know when I look at retail ads, I find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between one business and another. Why? Becauserepparttar 105945 vast majority of ads today focus on one thing: Price.

So I suggest you come up with a different Unique Selling Proposition -- one that focuses on a reason other than price why customers should choose your business. Of course, make it a proposition you can fully deliver, and one that will be relayed and reiterated in everything your business does. I think customers are getting bored -- and a little deluded -- with all these businesses saying their prices arerepparttar 105946 best in town. It's time for you to come up with some powerful reasons why you should be their only choice. Sell your business' ability to benefitrepparttar 105947 customer. This will make your ads stand out fromrepparttar 105948 crowd, and will also help to build customer loyalty.

Writing Ads

Since advertising is salesmanship in paint, and you'rerepparttar 105949 best salesperson for your product, that means you should be able to writerepparttar 105950 best advertisement for your product -- not an agency. And you can! (After all, you know better than any ad agency what people like about your product.)

Here's an easy way to overcomerepparttar 105951 fact that you don't really have confidence in your ability to write a compelling ad. Tape record all conversations you have with your prospects and customers. Do this dozens of times so you have a good selection of sales presentations to work with.

Then, transcriberepparttar 105952 tape recordings. Then number each selling point you make in your conversation.

Now review them. Give each point a priority number on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest.

Cut out each point with a pair of scissors and divide them into three groups. The first group consists of those points that describerepparttar 105953 benefits of your product. The second group consists of interesting facts about your product. Andrepparttar 105954 third group consists of those points that don't really say anything about your product or that don't really help to advance your presentation.

Throwrepparttar 105955 third group away and arrangerepparttar 105956 other two in rank order from 10 on down.

Next, throw out all points with a rating of five or less.

Now, forget that you are writing an ad or sales letter. Instead, concentrate on writing a memo. A long memo to a friend -- don't try to be clever.

Concentrate on selling just like you did in your conversations with your prospects and customers! A proven pattern for a good sales pitch:

1) Say something that gets your reader's attention.

2) Tellrepparttar 105957 reader why he should be interested.

3) Tellrepparttar 105958 reader why he should believe what you are saying is true.

4) Prove it's true.

5) Itemize and describe allrepparttar 105959 benefits of your product.

6) Tellrepparttar 105960 reader how to order.

7) Tellrepparttar 105961 reader to order now.

The above outline is an elaboration onrepparttar 105962 formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. If you can remember those four words, you'll write excellent ads.

Remember, your ad will be read by only one person at a time. Do not write torepparttar 105963 masses - write to one person.

Read your copy aloud so you can see where it doesn't flow and where it needs smoothing out.

Edit your copy. Take out unnecessary repetitions. Use short sentences. Short paragraphs, everyday English. Use some one-word sentences. One-sentence paragraphs, too. And use a generous supply of subheads that make your copy look interesting and easy to read!

Good advertising is simply salesmanship multiplied! Put your sales pitch into your ads and you will have multiplied yourself thousands of times over. Then sit back and reaprepparttar 105964 rewards.

The Purpose of a Headline.

A headline is an ad forrepparttar 105965 ad. Itís responsible for 80% ofrepparttar 105966 effect ofrepparttar 105967 ad. The headline isrepparttar 105968 equivalent ofrepparttar 105969 opening paragraph of a sales letter. It can be before or afterrepparttar 105970 salutation. It'srepparttar 105971 opening statement of a sales presentation, or of a commercial, orrepparttar 105972 first contact in a store between a clerk and a customer.

You must test headlines. Different headlines can have 21 timesrepparttar 105973 differential -- this is 2,100% instant leverage.

Another purpose ofrepparttar 105974 headline is to make a startling, irresistible claim or promise that compelsrepparttar 105975 reader to read your ad or sales letter. Attracting attention is amongrepparttar 105976 primary functions of a headline.

The most successful headlines Iíve used, and why they worked.

Hereís a sure-fire system for creatingrepparttar 105977 best headlines for your ads:

When you come up with a good headline, copy it on a 3"x5" card. Read through them like flash cards when you're looking for ideas.

Write down allrepparttar 105978 headline ideas that come to mind as you're reading throughrepparttar 105979 cards.

Soon, out will pop a "Central Selling Idea" that you'll know is exactly right for your promotion.

Write like mad. Forget about form and grammar. Just write, write, write. Totally suspend criticism. You can't create and evaluate atrepparttar 105980 same time. Later you can go back and edit.

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