Successful Dating and Marriage (2)

Written by Arthur Zulu

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Spend time with your mate in recreation and working together. Do daily chores like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and washing -- practical things that will help you later inrepparttar marriage, and see how your mate fares.

Watch to see how your mate treats his parents and friends.

Observe him when inrepparttar 105647 company of other people.

Watch him unobserved.

Do not be hasty in your courtship. If there are flaws inrepparttar 105648 person you are dating or flaws inrepparttar 105649 relationship that you think you cannot live with; break it up.

But now, how do you know that you are ready for marriage?

Chapter Five “Those who are very young when they marry have three strikes against them.” --PROFESSOR MARCIA LASSWELL.


Are you ready for marriage? Hold your answer until you know whether you are qualified to go into it. First, know that there is nothing like trial marriage. When God institutedrepparttar 105650 first marriage between our first parents, Adam and Eve inrepparttar 105651 garden of Eden, he did not tell them to try it first, and dump it afterward. It was for life; and nothing would break it excerpt adultery, or perhaps death. (Genesis 2: 18, 23, 24; Matthew 19: 3 -- 9) So know that this union is for life, and that you will even go through “tribulations” in course ofrepparttar 105652 marriage. -- 1 Corinthians 7: 28.

Now, how do you answerrepparttar 105653 following questions:

Do I have great expectations?

That isrepparttar 105654 first major problem. Because you are not going to see that Wonderland that you expected afterrepparttar 105655 honeymoon. The scales will fall from your eyes. Consider these life experiences.

”We thought that we could come and go, do as we pleased, . . . but it isn’t that way.”

“Many teenagers get married to play house. . . . but that’s notrepparttar 105656 way it is.”

“After I got married I found out thatrepparttar 105657 great thrill of sex wears off very soon and then we started having real problems.”

So do not have great romantic expectations. Childhood marriages -- physical immaturity, may blur your vision and understanding of married life.

Am I ready for my roles?

Some people enter marriage without even knowing their roles inrepparttar 105658 family. The husband fails to provide material support, andrepparttar 105659 wife neglects her housekeeping role.

Married men are reported to be still hanging out late at night, drinking with friends, away from their wives. Even those who work hard to maintainrepparttar 105660 family are frustrated. “This is hard work,” said one. “Will I ever get some relief?”

Can I solve money problems?

This isrepparttar 105661 greatest cause of marital problems. Some can not provide money to supportrepparttar 105662 family, and where money is available,repparttar 105663 problem is overspending. Inrepparttar 105664 end, families have become heavily indebted, while others pack to live with their parents. In extreme cases, divorce becomesrepparttar 105665 solution.

Do I have a compatible mate?

Being compatible does not mean that you and your partner must agree on everything underrepparttar 105666 sun. Or that your mate should be able to play baseball since you are a baseball star. No.

But if you are miles apart on almost everything -- work, recreation, attitude, and beliefs, you should know that you are not equally matched.

Consider one woman who thought that her marriage must work because her partner was “so handsome, so strong, such a good athlete and very popular.” Was she being realistic? No. She was dreaming of Shangri-La, or building castles inrepparttar 105667 air, as they say. The marriage collapsed!

Have I thoroughly examined myself?

So ask yourself if you arerepparttar 105668 type that can make vows and keep them. Ask if your goals in life will affect your marriage. Find out if you can support or manage a household. Check to see if you are mature to handle trials that will surface later inrepparttar 105669 marriage.

If your answers are positive, if you think that you haverepparttar 105670 physical, mental and spiritual maturity to go into marriage, then ask yourself this question; what arerepparttar 105671 keys to family happiness? Do you know them?

Now, let’s see.


ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, and author of Chasing Shadows! and How to Write a Best-seller. For his works and free helps for writers, goto: mailto: Web search: Arthur Zulu

Arthur Zulu is an editor, book reviewer, and published authro.

Wife smarter than husband?

Written by Jonathan Tan

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Whilerepparttar husband is advancing himself vocationally, or rising in his company,repparttar 105646 wife busies herself getting up church suppers and organizing flower shows which consume her time and energy, but do not show up in eitherrepparttar 105647 pay check or her vocational standing.

Yet such advantages are not always enough to keeprepparttar 105648 husband ahead. Ifrepparttar 105649 difference in ability is marked, it speedily becomes known.

Such a situation may be concealed by a polite little conspiracy to maintainrepparttar 105650 fiction of male superiority, but everyone knows to whom to go, to get things done. In our day this fiction is becoming more difficult to maintain.

More and more wives are going back to work as soon as their children are old enough to be left by themselves, and are getting real money and recognition.

In some instances,repparttar 105651 wife will outstrip her husband. The problem often becomes a real issue atrepparttar 105652 time when her income exceeds his.

My feeling is thatrepparttar 105653 soundest marriages are those in which husband and wife are on aboutrepparttar 105654 same level of intelligence. We may think thatrepparttar 105655 problem will be serious, only ifrepparttar 105656 girl is markedly superior, but this is by no means necessarily true. The girl who marries a man who is intellectually far superior may face problems quite as serious. She will be safer if she chooses a man more nearly on her own level, so that throughrepparttar 105657 yearsrepparttar 105658 relationship can most easily be maintained.

There is just as much chance thatrepparttar 105659 wife will be superior torepparttar 105660 husband, asrepparttar 105661 other way around. All who marry should face this fact. Actually there is no more justification for a man feeling embarrassed because his wife is superior, than there is for a wife to feel embarrassed because her husband excels her.

In any case, character and personality are far more important, provided each ofrepparttar 105662 couple is intelligent enough to do a good job.

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