Success Tips for the Entrepreneur

Written by Myrtis Smith

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2. Concentrate your energy on 2 - 3 main ideas. Entrepreneurs are known for their many great ideas. Sometimes this asset can quickly turn into a negative if your attention and efforts are spread too thin. Create a system to capture your ideas such as a tracking spreadsheet or index card file. Next, identifyrepparttar top 2 or 3 ideas that will yieldrepparttar 117723 highest return. Focus on those and only those. The other ideas are safely tucked away for you to return to later.

3. Be humble. One pitfall that many entrepreneurs fall into is over-promising and under-delivering. Be humble and understate what you can accomplish; this will help alleviate some ofrepparttar 117724 pressure you may be under. Getting intorepparttar 117725 habit of under-promising and over-delivering will definitely impress your customers with your level of service.

4. Respond, don't react. Always be forward thinking so that you are able to plan ahead and anticipate situations. This will give yourepparttar 117726 luxury of being able to respond and make intelligent decisions, versus being forced to react, putting out one fire after another.

5. Treat people like people. Your customers are not commodities; they are people. Your employees are not resources; they are people. Always treat people with respect and consideration regardless ofrepparttar 117727 situation. Its repparttar 117728 relationships that your form with people (customers, employees, vendors, business associates, etc), that can make or break your business.

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How Will Your Business be Judged?

Written by Dave Balch

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While we're onrepparttar subject of brochures, let me vent one of my pet peeves: grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Aaaaggghhh! Maybe it's just me, but if you want to make a bad impression, bad punctuation is a good way to do it, especially a misused apostrophe. For example, a local restaurant used "tomato's" asrepparttar 117722 plural for "tomato", and made that mistake throughout its entire menu. I can certainly understand a typo once in a while, but geez.

You can only imagine how I reacted to this one: large, block letters, in neon, above a pet store that read "Pet's, Fish, and More". How many people saw that and didn't realize that there should be no apostrophe??

I don't mean to make you paranoid. Wait a minute, yes I do! Be very careful how you present yourself torepparttar 117723 world. Little things can mean a lot, whether your customers think so or not.

Remember that you only get one chance for that first impression. Make it a good one.

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