Subtle body imaging systems

Written by Simon Mitchell

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The Mora device has holders for multiple remedies for simultaneous testing to find resonance between them andrepparttar patient. Instead of a wire hook-up it uses radio waves to broadcastrepparttar 147762 vibrations torepparttar 147763 machine. It is used to identify allergens and it is possible to inject special frequencies of subtle energy into meridians with this device.

The Interro system contains a memory bank of magnetically coded vibrational signatures for hundreds of homeopathic remedies. The computer searchesrepparttar 147764 data bank for acupoint resonance reactions, meaning thatrepparttar 147765 actual remedies don't even need to be present for resonance tuning.

Light treatments for cancer are also in evidence. Photodynamic therapy uses drugs or herbs to enhancerepparttar 147766 body's light sensitivity and then tunes in specific wavelengths of light. Reports suggest that this treatment destroys only malignant cells. Colour light therapy is a new field, directing specific colour frequencies that resonate withrepparttar 147767 patient into specific parts ofrepparttar 147768 body.

These machines and others demonstraterepparttar 147769 principles of frequency matching between patient and remedy. Radionics measuresrepparttar 147770 patients primary energetic frequency. Although this is nonsense to most doctors. Energy or 'vibrational' medicine is heavily legislated against and machines have been made illegal and confiscated. This field has been overlooked for far too long.

Work with electrical fields that surround animals and plants suggestsrepparttar 147771 presence of an energy body. Studies using Kirlian photography show energy fields surrounding physical objects although there is still some debate as to what these actually are. Energy or 'vibrational' medicine is heavily legislated against and machines have been made illegal and confiscated. This field has been overlooked for far too long.

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Written by Simon Mitchell

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Rowan berries are around from July/August through to November inrepparttar UK and may even stay on a tree until January ifrepparttar 147761 thrushes don't eat them. They are at their best for Rowan Jelly when they have attained full colour but are not yet mushy. They contain varying amounts of tartaric, citric and malic acid dependent on their ripeness. Cut them fromrepparttar 147762 stalks in clusters and remove as much stem as possible before cooking. When made into a jellyrepparttar 147763 fruit becomes quite astringent andrepparttar 147764 tart taste makes a good 'digestif' accompaniment to meats such as venison, cold game or fowl.

Take about 3 pounds of Rowan berries and two pounds of juicy apples. Peel and corerepparttar 147765 apples, slice them and place them to simmer in 2 pints of water for 10 minutes, while you are washing and sortingrepparttar 147766 berries. Addrepparttar 147767 berries and simmer to a pulp. Use a potato masher to help this process if you like. Letrepparttar 147768 mixture cool a bit and then strain it through a jelly bag, leaving it to drip overnight.

Warm about 2 pounds of sugar and stir inrepparttar 147769 liquid mixture and heat to a simmer. I must admit to adding some pectin at this point as I have a problem with runny jams. You can do this and leaverepparttar 147770 apples out for a clear jelly. Add a knob of butter and stir to a rolling boil for a few minutes and put it into sterilised jars and seal. It is a most unusual taste butrepparttar 147771 thing that delights me most about this jelly isrepparttar 147772 fantastic colour.
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