Substitutions for commonly used ingredients

Written by Shauna Hanus

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•1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder can be substituted for 1 clove of fresh garlic.

•1 pound of fresh mushrooms will be aboutrepparttar same as a 10 ounce can of mushrooms.

•Powdered sugar can substitute for granulated sugar in baking. If you are looking for a delightful taste alternative try a cup of honey with a pinch of baking soda in place of a cup of granulated sugar.

•2 cups of fresh chopped tomatoes is equivalent to a 16 ounce can of crushed tomatoes. You may have to drainrepparttar 142645 can or adjust for moisture inrepparttar 142646 recipe.

•Adding about 2 Tablespoons of molasses to a cup of granulated sugar will substitute well for a single cup of brown sugar.

•Sherry or port wine can be used instead of red or white wine. Just lowerrepparttar 142647 amount to 2 Tablespoons equals ˝ cup.

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History of Coffee Timeline!

Written by Randy Wilson

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1721: Berlins' first coffee diner opens.

1727: Lieutenant colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta woos France's Governor of Guiana's wife into stealing and smuggling germinated coffee seedlings in a flowers basket for him. He returns to Brazil from which he was dispatched to settle a feud betweenrepparttar French and Dutch about country border lines, only to have successfully stolen coffee and also settlingrepparttar 142283 dispute.

1732: Johann Sebastian Bach's famous one-act operetta,repparttar 142284 "Coffee Cantata," was a not so liked operatic criticism ofrepparttar 142285 extraordinary lengthsrepparttar 142286 royal and upperclass took to keep commoners from drinking coffee.

1773: In Americarepparttar 142287 Boston Tea Party allowedrepparttar 142288 experimentation with and also a popular form of protest when drinking coffee.

1775: As "Prussia's" Frederickrepparttar 142289 Greats wealth is diminished trying to stop imports of coffee andrepparttar 142290 public scorn's his foolishness he has a change of heart.

1886: Wholesale grocer Joel Cheek names a coffee blend "Maxwell House," afterrepparttar 142291 hotel in Nashville, TN where it was served.

Early 1900's: In Germany,"Kaffee klatsch" is coined to describe women's gossip. At these affairs afternoon coffee becomes a standard occasion.

1900: Whenrepparttar 142292 Hills Brothers start packaging coffee in metal tins, they half heartedly killrepparttar 142293 coffee shop diners and mills.

1901: Satori Kato Japanese-American chemist of Chicago invents instant coffee.

1903: Sanka is introduced torepparttar 142294 United States in 1923. Ludwig Roselius admits a batch of destroyed coffee beans over to chemist's, who remove caffeine fromrepparttar 142295 coffee beans without losingrepparttar 142296 flavor. Then sells it asrepparttar 142297 brand name "Sanka."

1906: George Constant Washington, an English chemist living in Guatemala, notices a powdery condensation forming onrepparttar 142298 spout of his silver coffee holder. After experimentation, he createsrepparttar 142299 first mass-produced instant coffee (his brand is called Red E Coffee).

1920: United States institute prohibition, and coffee sales explode.

1938: Having been asked by Brazil to help find a solution to their coffee surpluses, Nestle company invents freeze-dried coffee. Nestle develops Nescafe and introduces it in Switzerland.

1940: The US imports 70 percent ofrepparttar 142300 worlds coffee.

1942: During W.W.II, American soldiers are issued instant Maxwell House coffee in their ration kits. Back home, widespread hoarding leads to coffee rationing.

1946: Achilles Gaggia finishes his espresso machine In Italy. Cappuccino is named forrepparttar 142301 resemblance of its color torepparttar 142302 robes ofrepparttar 142303 monks ofrepparttar 142304 Capuchin monastery.

1969: One week before Woodstock premierrepparttar 142305 Manson Family murders coffee mogul Abigail Folger as she visits film maker Roman Polanski with Sharon Tate.

1971: The first Starbucks opens in Seattle's Pike Place public market.

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