Substitute the Internet for Your TV

Written by Daniel Punch

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Forrepparttar action fans there are a number of 'Stunt Crews' out there, risking life and limb forrepparttar 110024 sheer giddy thrill of looking really cool on tape. They'll have you wishing you were just half as talented as they are. One particularly active and talented group goes byrepparttar 110025 name of The Stunt People ( They have a large number of videos available online, most running for about 20mins and almost all of them jam packed with martial arts and tricking entertainment. Of similar style, although not quite as stunt-oriented, are Jabronie Pictures ( These films all contain some violence and occasionally some coarse language, so you may want to screen them before showing them to younger children.

There are those who claim that TV can be used to keep up withrepparttar 110026 events unfolding inrepparttar 110027 world,repparttar 110028 people who watchrepparttar 110029 news whenrepparttar 110030 'Simpsons' is onrepparttar 110031 other channel. For those socially minded folks, a quick search for 'News video streams' reveals a large number of pages, such as that contains a large list of streams, providing news updates on demand.

So if you've got a little downtime and there's nothing on TV, try shifting on over to your computer and basking inrepparttar 110032 wonderful entertainment provided by many talented people who just want to share their creativity. Or, keep yourself current with happenings aroundrepparttar 110033 world. It's fun and free. What more could you want?

Daniel Punch M6.Net Daniel Punch spends far too much time looking for free entertainment on the internet.

Media Player Shootout

Written by James Kendall

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Last (of yea, except for RealPlayer... ) Windows Media Player 10 is one of Microsoft's best pieces of software and is some much better thenrepparttar last generation of MS media players. The jukebox itself is stuffed with features such as its ability to monitor changes to your digital media files and update itself, simple sync and burn, ratings, andrepparttar 110023 auto tag features are all very nice.

One ofrepparttar 110024 changes in V.10 isrepparttar 110025 ability to rip files ifrepparttar 110026 format and with ( or without )repparttar 110027 DRM of your choice. You also getrepparttar 110028 ability to listen to Internet radio streams with WMP, and although they tend to be more corporate thenrepparttar 110029 hip shoutcast radio you can still find some good music. WMP also features a lossless ripping of CD's but I was less impressed withrepparttar 110030 results then I was with Apples Lossless.

And finally there is RealPlayer. The free RealPlayer 10 is better then previous version although that is not saying much imho. It still takes over your file formats by default, tries to force you register, runs inrepparttar 110031 background (phoning home ?) unless you can findrepparttar 110032 settings to tell it not to - all ofrepparttar 110033 problems that it has always have. I say stay as far away from Real as possible even if you can use "Harmony" to use your iPod withrepparttar 110034 Real store. While I may be being over critical of Real's jukebox - I do think that there are other alternatives that are less intrusive and have better feature sets.

All in all I think that either iTunes or WMP is a solid choice and far and awayrepparttar 110035 best media players available. Winamp is a okay too as long as you don't need to rip music or burn it back to a CD - but it is worthrepparttar 110036 download and install just to listen to Shoutcast stations from time to time. Personally I use WMP at work and iTunes are home, so take that for what it's worth. I think that I like WMP a little better, but not so much that I would takerepparttar 110037 time to switch my iTunes set up at home.

This article was originally posted on Online Music Blog and was written by James Kendall of Copacetix Digital Creation.

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