Submitting your site to the Open Web Directory: some dos and don'ts

Written by Donald Nelson

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5. Recordrepparttar date and category of your submission. It is good to keep a record of when you submitted and to what category you submitted your site. If your category has an editor make a note of whorepparttar 131810 editor is. This information will be useful if you need to make an inquiry aboutrepparttar 131811 status of your submission. How long does it take to get listed? I have had one site listed within two weeks of submission and I have also waited eight months for other sites

6. Don't spamrepparttar 131812 Directory! Submit your site one time and be patient. Generally you are only allowed to submit to one category, though if your site is huge and has many subdivisions, you may be able to submit sections ofrepparttar 131813 site to different categories. It takes time for entries to be processed, especially in categories where there are many submissions. If you hastily resubmit your site, then it will end up onrepparttar 131814 bottom ofrepparttar 131815 list of sites to be reviewed, as they are stored according to date.

7. Contactrepparttar 131816 Directory through proper channels if you have questions about your submission Ifrepparttar 131817 category where you submitted has an editor, it will be indicated atrepparttar 131818 bottom ofrepparttar 131819 page, and you can send him or her a message. Another excellent way to make contact withrepparttar 131820 editors is through their online forum locate at .There you can ask aboutrepparttar 131821 status of your submission, but you must give themrepparttar 131822 date and category to which you submitted your site. You can ask questions aboutrepparttar 131823 procedures etc, but one more thing, don't argue withrepparttar 131824 editors. Find out howrepparttar 131825 editors ofrepparttar 131826 directory work and do your best to meet their conditions and you will be successful.

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Generating Website Traffic with Sub-domains

Written by Sarah Coles

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*Banner Exchange Programs* Banner exchange programs allow members to share advertising space on each otherís websites. They are a great way to generate traffic to your website, but you may not want to clutter your main site with ads. Portal websites provide a good place to test different programs and directrepparttar resulting traffic to your main site.

*Alternative Markets* Search engine spiders will pick up on content variations among your websites. Subtle differences could place a site in a category that you had not thought of and open up an entirely new base of visitors and/or customers.

*Product and Service Specialization* Your main website may have dozens of different products and services. This is great for your business, but generality can hurt your ranking inrepparttar 131808 search engines. Using sub-domains to create sites that specialize in one product or service increases your keyword density and improves your ranking. Plus, many consumers would prefer to work with a specialized business than a one-stop shop. (You can still link to your main site with all of your products.)

Sarah Coles is a webmaster and content developer for Web Hosting, a budget host offering 6 websites for as low as $14.95/mo.

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