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Written by Joanne King

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You can also pay someone to manually submit your website to search engines, but don’t expect this to be cheap. If someone is offering to do it for $30 - $50 I would recommend avoiding it, chances are they’re using a script to submit it.

For proper submission and search engine optimization you are generally looking at paying around $600 - $1,000 to get someone to do this for you.

To get listed in yahoo it usually costs around $300 for businesses. Yahoo will list personal sites that aren’t business related for free.

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Writing Ezine Ads-For Their List and Yours

Written by Greg Root

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You can supplement your own info. with free reprint articles which can be found at numerous article sites like In essence, you dorepparttar research and pass onrepparttar 141468 best information you can find. You help your subscribers save time and money which builds trust and crediblity.

Whenrepparttar 141469 time comes to actually advertise, you should simply recommend a product or service that you personally use. Your credibility is onrepparttar 141470 line here, so be careful about what you refer. To increaserepparttar 141471 response to your ad, try bundling a free bonus that compliments or completes your product.

For example, say you're still an SEO expert. You've given away a bunch of valuable information so far and haven't "advertised" anything yet. You decide to recommendrepparttar 141472 keyword tool you use and throw in a free report aboutrepparttar 141473 top ten methods for researching keywords. Your ad might look like this: "My recommended keyword tool plus bonus research report". If you've established yourself as an expert, people will WANT know what keyword tool you use. You seerepparttar 141474 difference? You don't look like another marketer after their wallet, but a trusted source of information.

Success isn't so far away, if you're willing to put a little effort and some dedication into your work. Followrepparttar 141475 guidelines mentioned and you'll definitely increase sales, expand your opt-in list, and build an invaluable reputation.

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