Stunning Drakensberg Experience! The Drakensberg Boys' Choir

Written by Brian Kemp

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Be prepared for diversity. If you like a good dirge, stay away. The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir has very catholic tastes. The first half ofrepparttar concert is classical. You might hear Bach or Beethoven or Mozart. The second half can be anything. It could be Queen sung in rounds by groups of immaculately trained 12-year old tenor and bass vocalists. (Freddie Mercury would have loved it). Or folk, or jazz, or sacred music. Or African harmonies you’ve never heard before that will bring tears to your eyes.

Come with tissues. And a jersey, forrepparttar 146672 goosebumps. But whatever you do, BE THERE. The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir performs most Wednesdays during term time at 3.30 p.m. There is a world class auditorium on campus.

If you’re inrepparttar 146673 area on a Wednesday, you’ve got time for an early lunch (or a late breakfast) and a scenic drive along Route R600. Its not calledrepparttar 146674 Champagne Valley for nothing. Or if you’re planning on December, go torepparttar 146675 Drakensberg Festive Celebration, a four-day extravaganza of music, with lots of guest artists, Xmas music, and stalls for shopping.

So if you’re coming to South Africa – sure Cape Town’s good and you needrepparttar 146676 Big 5. Butrepparttar 146677 Drakensberg is good too. And you really shouldn’t miss this.

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How to Find Cheap Airfare

Written by Ally Moll

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That is whererepparttar real treasures are to be found.

The trick is to be patient and try every day until something you like comes up. Some daysrepparttar 146671 site doesn't work at all, others it's very slow (I've had to userepparttar 146672 reload button a lot on some days) but I've used them before and they ARE reliable. Use your credit card and callrepparttar 146673 airline directly after you make your reservations to confirm them if you're nervous about it.

Also, they say it will cost usually between $200-300 if you want to make any last minute changes or cancel your flight. I've found if you callrepparttar 146674 airline directly instead of going through Airline you'll get a better deal (around $100). Of course it's best to not change your flight at can get deals atrepparttar 146675 last minute that are just as good.

Happy Flying and don't forget to joinrepparttar 146676 mile high club!

Ally Moll is a Life and Creativity Coach who offers one on one coaching to artists and women who want to incorporate more creativity in their lives. Ally helps people declutter their minds and their lives so they can be happier and have more time to do what they want. She can also assist you in becoming more free and independent by helping you start your own small business. To learn more about her and her services visit

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