Study Smart by drawing colorful pictures

Written by Janice

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2. Draw a small picture atrepparttar center of your paper or page to illustrate that idea. Write a few words belowrepparttar 139046 picture to explain that idea. 3. Now identifyrepparttar 139047 details associated with that idea. 4. Draw a small picture to illustrate that detail and an arrow fromrepparttar 139048 main idea pointing to each detail. Write a few words on each arrow to explainrepparttar 139049 relation betweenrepparttar 139050 detail andrepparttar 139051 main idea. Write a few words below each detail image explaining what it is about.

Once you have illustrated each main fact andrepparttar 139052 related detail, you have a mind map that helps you seerepparttar 139053 full picture at a glance. Drawing it out in color helps your remember what you just illustrated.

Read Study Tips for more on mind mapping and other study tips.

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' Buyer BEWARE '

Written by Gary Durkin

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This is not illegal. This is exploitation of a loophole. And people just like you and me fall for this every day.

Many of us will buy because ofrepparttar discount,repparttar 139017 special offer,repparttar 139018 sale price - and have less regard forrepparttar 139019 product itself.

NOTE - businesses very, VERY rarely sell items for LESS than they cost. So Sale Prices still mean they make a profit - albeit a reduced profit.

Often our impulse purchases of special offers and discounts, are made without a second thought regardingrepparttar 139020 terms, conditions, exemptions, exclusions, and guarantees (if any) that apply.

Here is another, very quick example, of how we can be exploited. Mail Order companies, just like any other business have sales and special offers.

But not all of them allow free returns of goods if you change your mind.

This means that if you have decided not to keeprepparttar 139021 product, then YOU have to pay from your pocket,repparttar 139022 cost of returningrepparttar 139023 item.

This itself is a factor which is off-putting to many, and deters people from returning goods. This results in lower returns, lower refunds for some Mail Order companies (and more profit).

The internet for example, is jam-packed with special offers, limited time sales etc. It’s is one ofrepparttar 139024 most popular forms of internet marketing strategies which ‘force’ (persuasive encouragement) people BUY NOW.

And it works!

You simply don’t want to be left out……. To berepparttar 139025 one who missed an opportunity…… so out comes that credit card and BANG! You’ve done it!

Often, following this very short period of adrenalin-driven hyperactivity, follows a prolonged period of remorse and regret.

“Whyrepparttar 139026 hell did I buy that?”

Sometimes we quickly try to claim a refund - but often we don’t. We may have some small nagging doubts inside, but we put them to one side and cross our fingers.

It’s only later, when we realise thatrepparttar 139027 sale was ‘hyper-hyped’ - andrepparttar 139028 product may have been over-sold and inrepparttar 139029 cold light of day, under-delivered - we really start to have our misgivings.

Often, it’s too late by this stage. The offer has closed,repparttar 139030 refund period *(if any) has expired. The product didn't live up to our expectations,repparttar 139031 car doesn’t have an engine,repparttar 139032 video we bought was Betamax,repparttar 139033 software was too hard to use,repparttar 139034 book was written in a reading style for those studying Quantum Mechanics, there is no support, I didn’t readrepparttar 139035 small print……..

The last part is vital.

If you really MUST have it - then check, read, understand and knowrepparttar 139036 terms. Don’t spend $200 on software only to find it doesn’t come with installation instructions, a manual or support.

Check it out FIRST.

If you are SO pushed for time, thatrepparttar 139037 special offer / sale ends in two minutes - and you haven’t gotrepparttar 139038 time to readrepparttar 139039 terms,…… do you really need it THAT MUCH?

If you have doubts - or questions, then ASK FIRST! Ifrepparttar 139040 seller wants to makerepparttar 139041 sale, they will be happy to help you. If they’re obstructive - walk away.

Is ANY purchase really THAT important that you MUST buy it NOW?

Unless you are buying food for your family…. I doubt it.

Can you afford to burn money? Or do you just buy things forrepparttar 139042 hell of it?

Make sure you KNOW what you are getting, whatrepparttar 139043 limitations are, and if you get any support.

So….. Buyer Beware !!

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