Structuring Your Ebook

Written by Angela Booth

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You don't have to create a strict outline. The kind of outline you need to create is one based on components.

Non-fiction is much easier to write than fiction because these books contain similar components.

Let's have a look at some of them:

* A foreword. This is similar to an introduction, but a foreword is usually written by someone other thanrepparttar author ofrepparttar 129338 book. It helps if you can get someone famous to contributerepparttar 129339 foreword. (They'll expect payment.)

* An introduction. This is optional. If you can't think of anything to put in an introduction, leave it out. Think of including an introduction if you want to tell your own story: how you came to getrepparttar 129340 information you're about to share.

* A "How To Use This Ebook" chapter or page. This can be short, or quite long. For example, if you're writing a book on yoga, you could use this chapter to give four or five exercise routines, compiled fromrepparttar 129341 various poses that you discuss inrepparttar 129342 rest ofrepparttar 129343 book.

* Chapters with problems and solutions. For example, if you were writing a book on dieting, you could write seven chapters all posing a typical problem, and then provide solutions for each problem.

* The last chapter isrepparttar 129344 wrap-up. In this chapter you'll want to give readers instructions on where they go from here, and you'll also want to include an inspirational message.

* A glossary is useful if it will be necessary for readers new torepparttar 129345 subject area. For example, if your ebook contains a lot of industry jargon with which your reader is unfamiliar, give explanations of terminology here.

* An index. I'm always disappointed when an otherwise excellent book, that I'll be referring to again, omits an index. I know creating an index is a hassle, but if you think your readers will use it, then gorepparttar 129346 extra mile and include it.

There you have it. The bones of your ebook. Withrepparttar 129347 skeleton in place, you'll find it easy to write.

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Written by Jennifer Louden

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Money guru Suzie Orman claims we take care of our moneyrepparttar way we take care of ourselves. In my work as a creativity coach and my own experience of writing five books, essays, screenplays, and a TV script, I have foundrepparttar 129335 same to be true: We take care of our creativityrepparttar 129336 way we take care of ourselves.

Six things I believe about writing:

If you put your bottom inrepparttar 129337 chair, you are a writer; it ain't about what people think.

Learn to surrender torepparttar 129338 desire to create.

Learn to value your own opinion.

Learn to speak to yourself like someone you love.

Learn to separate out opinions from facts.

Learn to have faith.

"Why is it that I wanted to write and what was it that made me feel that way?" Allow, however, it is that you feel to pour out on torepparttar 129339 paper before you.

Timed writing three minutes.

Done with lightness.

Ways to use: warm up, clear out head, generate ideas, generate content that you can then revise on computer, outline, go back into a piece and expand or generate new energy into a section.

An idea for a one week practice: Go back to this first session then pick from any number of questions that you could ask of your original writer, like: Why is it that I want to write? What it is that I really want to write? What is it that has held me back from writing as I would like to? What can I do to changerepparttar 129340 destiny of my writing?

Letters between Jung and Freud: Watcher atrepparttar 129341 gate and he keeps them from their genius,repparttar 129342 place in themselves that wants to speak. They agreed to make monstrous clay heads and when they wrote about whatever was meaningful to them, they would turn them torepparttar 129343 wall, actively turnrepparttar 129344 Watcher away.

Writing practice: If I turn my Watcher torepparttar 129345 wall then...

Jennifer Louden is the best-selling author of five books, including the classic, The Woman’s Comfort Book. She is also the creator of, a frequent lecturer on creativity and self-care, and a creativity and writing mentor.

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