Structure Of A Successful Music Website

Written by Dan Meiyers

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Here's some ideas on what you can include. *Biography *Demo Songs *Pictures *Reviews/Testimonials *Sideshow Of Photos *Video or Film Footage (Windows Media or Quicktime format)

Create a biography with pictures in .pdf format and make it available for download. You can userepparttar Writer program contained inrepparttar 139751 free Open Office Suite to do this. Open then program type (or paste) in your biography and insert pictures. When your done go to File > Export As PDF.

7) Lyrics Allows fans to get more familiar with your music. Also adds content to your site which will get picked up byrepparttar 139752 search engines if it has an incoming link form your main page or somewhere else.

8) Biography On your bio page sections fans read about you and see your pictures. A sideshow of your photos sometimes adds a nice touch.

9) Concert Listings/News Keep your fans and site visitors updated withrepparttar 139753 latest news about your concerts/shows, interviews, appearances ond other topics of interest.

10) Forum A discussion forum is a great place for you to interact with your fans and street teams. An excellent free script to set up a forum is phpBB

11) Blog Blogging is a good way to syndicate your artist/band news and generate traffic for your site. Search engines love this kind of stuff. Later on inrepparttar 139754 course I'll go a bit more in dept on setting up a blog. A nice fully featured blogging script is Word Press .

Make sure your each page of your site is cross browser functional, meaning it can be viewed properly by different web browser programs. Two of most popular ones are Internet Explorer and Firefox . Sometimes a site will show up perfectly in IE but will be all out of whack when viewed in Firefox, or vise versa. Have both browsers installed and check out every page.

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Dan Meiyers

Review: Medications - All your friends in one place

Written by Chris Elkjar

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The production and dumbed down songwriting of this album is slightly disappointing, unless of course you are a classic rock fan. You can clearly hearrepparttar influence of early rock bands like Led Zeppelin, both onrepparttar 139750 production, andrepparttar 139751 songwriting. With drumming that is very evocative of Bonzo and very thin, vintage guitar tones. The album, just asrepparttar 139752 EP and all Faraquet material before it, has a very raw and uncut feel to it. Not raw inrepparttar 139753 St. Anger “we didn’t even try” sense, but more alongrepparttar 139754 lines of a live recording,repparttar 139755 band sounds tight, but you can still pick outrepparttar 139756 playing nuances of each member, givingrepparttar 139757 band a very ‘real’ sound. If you’re sick of pro-tools albums, this just might fit your prescription. (Pun intended, zing)

I thinkrepparttar 139758 classic rock influence shines strongest onrepparttar 139759 albums 9th track, I amrepparttar 139760 Harvestrepparttar 139761 opening feedback drops into a guitar riff that just screams Jimmy Page from miles away. You can almost seerepparttar 139762 band performing it in your head, after nearly 2 minutes of introduction guitar noodling,repparttar 139763 vocals finally enter andrepparttar 139764 guitar takes a much needed break. The drumming really takes over on this track, asrepparttar 139765 guitar feedbacks duringrepparttar 139766 verses and allowsrepparttar 139767 drums and bass to dictaterepparttar 139768 rest ofrepparttar 139769 song.

Your favorite people all in one place may not be a bold step into uncharted territory for this DC trio, but there’s nothing wrong with a slow evolution. The music is solid andrepparttar 139770 band still appeals to their core fans while managing to remain fresh and interesting.

Overall: 7.1

Chris Elkjar is the founder of '' an online music magazine. He spends all of his spare time immersed in music, be it writing reviews, interviews with leading bands or writing his own music.

For more of his writing, check out - Music for robots

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