Structure + Boundaries = Freedom

Written by Joanne Victoria

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Don't get 'stuck' on-line. If part of your marketing is focused onrepparttar Web with e-mail newsletters or similar marketing tools, hire someone to dorepparttar 117626 updates for you. If you value your time and have set a dollar figure for Web-update time, you can see repparttar 117627 wisdom in having a less expensive individual perform this function. Use an employee, student, independent contractor or virtual assistant.

It's too easy to sit in front ofrepparttar 117628 computer and get lost when that time could be better spent writing or going for a walk. Take care of yourself, first!

Mornings are best for detail work. The mind is refreshed and capable of high functioning. It's best to return phone calls inrepparttar 117629 afternoon, especially if they are non-urgent. Critical thinking is best done inrepparttar 117630 morning. Delegate all your non-essential tasks. The more structure you have in your work, repparttar 117631 more freedom you have.

As a last item, learn to say no. Say no to anything that does not fit into your annual plan and your goals. The purpose of creating your plan is to determine what you really want to do. If a request comes for a volunteer or paid situation that does not fit into your plan, just say no.

Saying 'no' is difficult for many people, especially if they are just discovering their boundaries.

Remember - always take care of yourself first!

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Written by Grady Smith

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Look atrepparttar following three classifications of working from home, and then find which would serve you best.

The first is marketing. While every business does require a small amount of sales know how, some weigh their entire profitably on possessingrepparttar 117625 skill. You need to be able to convince readers to buy and have a marketing savvy to make a nice profit.

Second, is creativity. Creating your own e-books is one example. If you canít write a lick, then you really arenít going to make much of a profit writing your own booklets and reports.

Andrepparttar 117626 third kind of opportunity is service. These can include allowing others to pay you directly for your strengths. Examples would be consulting, web design, construction, machine repair, etc.

So, to findrepparttar 117627 right home business, outline your strengths. Search, or create,repparttar 117628 perfect job that relies heavily on traits or training you posses. If you find a job that is a close match, try it and learn other traits necessary to make it profitable. In time youíll findrepparttar 117629 most comfortable, and financially rewarding opportunities arerepparttar 117630 ones that you were meant to do.

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