Stronger Willpower Today

Written by Steve Gillman

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2. Substitute temptations. Quickly get a glass of your favorite juice or soda if you don't want that beer.

3. Ask for help. If you can't stop complaining, for example, have friends point out when you are doing it.

4. Relax. Willpower is low when you are stressed. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

5. Energize yourself. Willpower tends to go up and down with energy levels. Sleep well, play energetic music, move around, or start an interesting conversation.

6. Findrepparttar cause ofrepparttar 143442 temptation, and deal with it. A boring job or life can lead you to all sorts of stupid ways to find "excitement." Consider changing what you can change.

You can call it willpower, or self control, or something else. You just want to stop yourself from doing harmful things, right? Usingrepparttar 143443 techniques and tips here will help.

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Success - Overcoming Bodily Conditions Which Seem Impossible of Change

Written by Jason Katzenback

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You can change your expression!

You can change your body!

But, to changerepparttar bodily form, you must change its expression first!

If you are locked in a room, withrepparttar 143403 key onrepparttar 143404 inside ofrepparttar 143405 door, on your side, you will fail to get out-no matter how much you butt your head againstrepparttar 143406 door-unless you first turnrepparttar 143407 key to unlockrepparttar 143408 door.

But, it is easy to succeed in getting out ofrepparttar 143409 room, if you turnrepparttar 143410 key inrepparttar 143411 lock first, and then openrepparttar 143412 door.

If you have failed to climb out from underrepparttar 143413 limitations of bodily conditions, it is because you have been attempting to batter downrepparttar 143414 form ofrepparttar 143415 limitations without first changing its expression. To succeed means "to climb out from under." It does not mean to batter down, to smash, or to '' reduce to nothingness.''

You can always changerepparttar 143416 expression of any form of life.

And, changing its expression will change its form.

Soul expression is soul-in-action.

Activity comes first!

Every soul lovesrepparttar 143417 beauty of activity more than it loves beauty of form; for, in active expression, there is a beauty which has a greater and stronger appeal thanrepparttar 143418 beauty of form.

Do you not preferrepparttar 143419 living, romping, active, companionable dog-even though he may not be perfect in form-torepparttar 143420 most perfect clay model of a dog any artist ever designed?

As a mother, do you not preferrepparttar 143421 active, living child-even if its nose is not perfect- torepparttar 143422 most beautifully formed and perfectly featured doll inrepparttar 143423 world?

And, young man, do you not preferrepparttar 143424 living, loving, joyously expressive maid, torepparttar 143425 perfect wax figure inrepparttar 143426 department store window?

It is beauty of expression which we most love! It is beauty of expression which attracts others most!

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