Strive or Strife?

Written by Nicholas Dixon

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Strivers know how to make stress work for them in a positive way. They often focus onrepparttar end result and notrepparttar 124131 process of reaching there. Allrepparttar 124132 strifer can see isrepparttar 124133 obstacles and roadblocks to which he makes a hasty retreat.

Strivers know how to think for themselves. They may seek outrepparttar 124134 advice of others but after analyzing allrepparttar 124135 information they make their own decisions. The strifer is easily swayed byrepparttar 124136 opinions and thoughts of others.

Strivers normally like to be independent. They cherish being their own boss andrepparttar 124137 freedom it brings whether financially or personally. Many strifers are content with receiving a paycheck every fortnight of month. Which would you prefer wages or profits?

Strivers like to maintain a healthy cash flow. They know that profits arerepparttar 124138 measure of their business success. Since strifers fail to use their winning traits they have more of a cash trickle than a flow.

Do you have what it takes to be a striver? It takes time and work. The good thing is that if you are a strifer you can evolve into a striver. All it takes isrepparttar 124139 passion to developrepparttar 124140 traits which will make you strive.

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Nicholas Dixon is a writer and webmaster from Jamaica. Visit his website for articles, free courses and information about a cool island town.


Written by Knut R. Enebakk

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