Stretching Your Grocery Dollars

Written by Nicole Soltau

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• Include your local grocer’s weekly circular in your savings plan. When store sales are coupled withrepparttar savings cards now offered by many grocer’s you can save hundreds of dollars each year.

• Pay attention to promotionals. Some grocer’s offer reward if you spendrepparttar 146654 target amount within a specified period. Rewards generally include a percentage off of your grocery bill at a later date or cash back.

• Curb impulse buying. Grocer’s have developed their floor plans with your dollars in mind;repparttar 146655 object, get as many as possible with proper product placement. Learnrepparttar 146656 layout of your store and make a beeline to your destination. Temptation is especially tough inrepparttar 146657 check out aisles. Fightrepparttar 146658 urge to succumb to these powerful marketing practices by making, and sticking to, a list.

• Try not to shop when you are starved. It makes sense that you are more vulnerable to impulse buying when you are hungry.

• Make a budget and take a calculator torepparttar 146659 store.

• Compare prices. Store brands are not necessarily least expensive. Take just a moment to scanrepparttar 146660 shelves for best prices onrepparttar 146661 items you buy. When comparison shopping, make sure to take note of per unit costs.

• Look below eye level. Bargain priced items are often shelved below eye level and out of your immediate view.

Grocery shopping can take a big chunk out of your budget if you are not careful. With just a small investment of time you will realize savings that you can take torepparttar 146662 credit union.

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Day Trading Stocks ...... Evaluating trading opportunities with high potential

Written by Fred Davenport

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+ $ How to lock in profits onrepparttar way up

+ $ Should I hold overnight trading positions for a possible gap up ?

+ $ What to do ifrepparttar 146624 stock rally stops moving.

+ $ Level 2 trading ( L 2 ) strategies for momentum.

+ $ Time frames for trading stocks with momentum, Pros and Cons

+ $ Premarket stock trading strategies and tips.

+ $ Trading momentum stock opportunities during market hours.

+ $ Trading atrepparttar 146625 open or waiting tillrepparttar 146626 dust settles to make your move. It depends. This can make a big difference in your results.

+ $ Stock trading during lunch hour ?

+ $ After hours trading tactics and tips.

+ $ Become an expert of your hot stock watch list.

+ $ You don't need to watchrepparttar 146627 stock market all day. Profitable stocktraders have a better way.

+ $ Stock trading is not a job. Don't make it another rat race.

+ $ Watching charts and stocktrading all day ? Overtrading is notrepparttar 146628 way to go. Learn why

+ $ Testingrepparttar 146629 high probability trading plan

+ $ Stress free day trading tips and strategies for beginners and experienced daytraders.

+ $ Free stock market resources and tools for daytrading on line with our strategy.

+ $ Real examples of recent on line trading opportunities. Learn in a practical way.

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