Stretching That Comfort Zone

Written by Teri Mitchell

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Yes, it is easier said than done but how important is it to us to succeed in our businesses?

How important is it to us to make contact withrepparttar right kind of people?

How important is it to build a customer base or findrepparttar 124070 perfect partners?

To most, these things are very important but they will not be possible unless we are willing to dorepparttar 124071 things that arerepparttar 124072 most uncomfortable to each of us.

For me personally,repparttar 124073 2 major struggles were writing a newsletter and making phone contacts. Withrepparttar 124074 newsletter, I had never written one and just didn't know where to start. After spending several days reviewing other online newsletters to get a feel forrepparttar 124075 formats that could be used, I made myself sit down and write one. I told myself I couldn't do anything else until it was done.

Because I did this mind talk and mentally prepared myself forrepparttar 124076 task, it was done in about 2 hours. I did, later, do some fine tuning butrepparttar 124077 point it I sat down and got it done.

Withrepparttar 124078 phone calls, I told myself I had to make at least 5 calls before I could move on to other business issues. Right fromrepparttar 124079 start, I found afterrepparttar 124080 first 5, I wanted to make more. I still struggle from time to time pushing my comfort zone to makerepparttar 124081 first call but after that it gets easier.

What can you do today that would stretch you and be good for your business?

Sit down, make that call, write that newsletter, write down your goals, network your business or whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable (or may even scare you). Push yourself and do it now! Not only will it help you build your business but think how good you will feel afterwards to be able to say, "I did it and it wasn't so bad after all!"

Make a commitment to yourself to either once a day or once a week (depending on your schedule) to do at least one "uncomfortable" act to build your business and put you closer to succeeding.


Teri Mitchell is a stay-at-home mom with her own online business. She is committed to helping others succeed personally and in business. Visit her website at or email her: "". To subscribe to her bi-monthly newsletter: ""


Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

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Dead Thing #4 - It Will Never Happen for Me

Hogwash! If you keep repeating to yourself that nothing good will happen to you, then, of course, nothing will. Just like when taking a picture with your camera, what you focus on, develops in your life. There is nothing different between you andrepparttar successful person. You can learn to be successful. Success is more of an attitude than a state of being. Get up every morning and say, *Something good is going to happen to me today.* Look for those opportunities that sneak by and jump on them. Be determined. If it happens for someone else, it can happen for you.

Dead Thing #5 - I Have Nothing to Offer

You don't have to be a world-famous, multi-degreed person to be of help to someone else. Each one of us has experiences in our lives that we have come through. There is always someone who is still inrepparttar 124069 middle of that same experience. Share what you have learned. Let others know what did and did not work for you in that circumstance. You'll be surprised at just how many people want to hear how you've overcome. Your down-to-earth practical counsel based on experience is worth more educated supposition.

If any of these dead things have been hanging around on your branches, it's time to blow them off! You can changerepparttar 124070 way you thing, how you look at life, and your attitude. It may take some time, but it's well worthrepparttar 124071 effort.

See, don't you feel lighter already?

Sharon Dalton Williams is the author of "How to Succeed and Live a Full Life." Learn how to reach the goals you have set for your life and business. Surf to to order your copy. Learn how to use what is uniquely you in building your business. Subscribe to *Out From the Crowd.*

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