Stretch Marks Can Affect All Of Us

Written by David Stanton

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Andrepparttar skin is phenomenally elastic. The scar tissue that accompanies these small rips inrepparttar 150681 skin are known as stretch marks.

How Stretch Marks Can Be Prevented or Repaired

A popular home remedy for stretch marks is cocoa butter. Pregnant women, body builders, or growing teenagers can rub in an ointment of elastin, collagen, and other proteins to help prevent tearing, and subsequent scarring. The proteins promote cell regeneration, which improvesrepparttar 150682 scars' appearance. Then they thickenrepparttar 150683 epidermal layer, creating a smoother top layer of skin. This further improvesrepparttar 150684 look of striae, even striae that are quite old.

Dermaglow offer natural & organic skin care to help prevent stretch marks.

Feeling Low? Perk Up with Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel

Written by Dermaglow

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Other ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, which is anti-inflammatory and promotesrepparttar growth of healthy cells. Essential oils of Rosemary and Fennel stimulate circulation and have toning properties. Geranium essential oil calms and soothes while myrtle tones. Finally, Rose Wood essential oil acts as a tissue regenerator and cellular stimulant. Together these ingredients make for an aromatic and sensuous experience that is as pampering as it is uplifting.

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