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Written by Roman

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Is it reasonable that they should ask you? Do you really want to play best poker right now? Is there anyone else who could play best poker? Can you extendrepparttar deadline? If you take on playing best poker, what else will you not have time for, and whom else will you have to disappoint? But what isrepparttar 142597 right time to play best poker? You can start by talking nicely to yourself. You know that inner voice? The one that criticizes and blames you every time something goes wrong? Well, change it. All to often we speak to ourselves in ways we would never tolerate from anyone else. If you had someone criticizing you and blaming you allrepparttar 142598 time, wouldn't you begin to feel bad? Wouldn't you do something about getting away from them? You can't get away from you, so change both you say andrepparttar 142599 way you say it. When you catch yourself nagging, try changing your tone of voice. Use a Mickey Mouse voice, or a deep seductive voice: "You are sooooooo stupid, gorgeous thing!" Work on yourself and then play best poker!

Roman, lover of gambling

Having fun, make friends and ... making money !

Written by Gerardo Smile

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Poker should be entertainment and at it is ...., therefore we have only happy members. Join us now for free !

Gerardo Smile is a marketing and internet related specialist. He has now opened, where you can play for fun or for real.

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