Straw as real estate building material

Written by Cameron Lindblom,

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I could spend hours telling you about positive impact of straw on human health. The USA and Western Europe witnessrepparttar real straw-construction boom. And this is very easy to explain – straw is a lot cheaper that most conventional building materials, whilerepparttar 110089 final results corresponds considerably withrepparttar 110090 requirements of eco-houses. Although carcassless technology allows erecting only one-storied buildings,repparttar 110091 construction on carcass basis enables to erect buildings with multiple number of floors. Read more about articles within “Eco-houses” series below Eco-house concept: pro and con Mega firmament in real estate

Cameron G. Lindblom is a Sweden-born businessman who's built his success in real estate. Apart from running his business, he is the Editorial Board Manager at RealEstateGates Ltd (

One of his outstanding works is called 'Drugs and Society', 1998.

"Wrong choice goes from ignorance of the better", Cameron often says to people and this seems to be his lifetime motto.

Eric Svein

Nagging Doubts

Written by Holmes Charnley

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This whole process relies onrepparttar salinity ofrepparttar 110088 water. As salt water cools, it's density increases, causing this drop torepparttar 110089 floor I just mentioned. What could bugger this up?

Well, naturally, fresh water fromrepparttar 110090 melting ice-sheets, along withrepparttar 110091 huge Siberian rivers, which are flooding more than ever, contributing to this fresh water being thrown intorepparttar 110092 Atlantic.

Put simply, diluted salt water will not sink,repparttar 110093 Gulf Stream would call it a day and it would get bloody cold. No, really cold.

Dr Terry Joyce, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute believes there is a 50% chance of this happening withinrepparttar 110094 next 100 years. "The likelihood of having an abrupt change is increasing - global warming is moving us closer and closer torepparttar 110095 brink" he warned.

(It was sobering stuff. Again, vitriolic thoughts aboutrepparttar 110096 world's leaders who continue to allow global warming to happen bombarded my brain, asrepparttar 110097 Atlantic continues to be bombarded by this fresh water.)

It's been cold recently, more so sincerepparttar 110098 central heating has decided to pack up andrepparttar 110099 damned landlord has taken aeons to sort it. So, it was a case of watching this programme whilst huddled round my Zippo.

I'm relatively new to this town, so whilst I was onrepparttar 110100 playground today, picking uprepparttar 110101 kids, I got talking to this chap that I have begun to know. Inrepparttar 110102 past, it has merely been a case of exchanging pleasantries. I was telling him aboutrepparttar 110103 central heating having shut down. Turns out, he'd seen Horizon last night as well.

"Knowing my luck" I said, " this forecasted ice age will hit us tonight beforerepparttar 110104 landlord getsrepparttar 110105 boiler sorted."

"Oh no, I think it would take around 10 years to fully hit us. It wouldn't happen overnight."

Is he related torepparttar 110106 postmistress? I'm beginning to get nagging doubts about this town.

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