Strategic RSS Positioning...How to Hotwire Your Site to Google!

Written by Titus Hoskins

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Build RSS Feeds and Blogs for Your Keywords.

One ofrepparttar best ways to use RSS is to set up a Blog and RSS feed for each of your major keywords. Any major topic or subject on your site must or should have a Blog and RSS feed to compliment your site's content.

To optimize fully, it is best to have a separate IP address for each of these Blogs, different from your site's IP address. You can even use Free Blog sites like Bloglines (owned by Ask Jeeves) or eBlogger (owned by Google). To take full advantage, it's best to use 'unique content' in these blogs and make sure you link only to high PR quality sites.

Ping Your Blogs Regularly

Pinging your blog posts regularly will alertrepparttar 143144 search engines new content has been added to your site or blog. Most of you have probably noticed by now that using sites like 'MyYahoo' to ping your blogs and RSS feeds is a great way of getting your sites spidered and indexed quickly inrepparttar 143145 major search engines.

Pinging is simply sending out a signal to allrepparttar 143146 weblog tracking sites that your site/blog has been updated.

Here's a site that will 'ping' you blogs automatically.

Add RSS Feeds to Your Site

Another way to attractrepparttar 143147 search engines is to place high quality RSS feeds on your site related to your subject area. Use these feeds to provide valuable content to your visitors.

And it's quite simple to do; just add "&format=rss" atrepparttar 143148 end ofrepparttar 143149 URL in your Msn search engine query. For example, to get an RSS Feed for 'tsunami relief' you would use this url:

In Yahoorepparttar 143150 URL would be slightly different:

Of course, you can change 'tsunami+relief' withrepparttar 143151 keyword or phrase of your choice to suit your website's content.


Trying these RSS positioning strategies will give your site added visibility onrepparttar 143152 web and a greater presence inrepparttar 143153 major search engines. It will create dynamic links to and from your site and this will result in faster spidering/indexing of your sites. You should be using RSS to basically 'hotwire' your site or sites torepparttar 143154 major search engines such as Google, Msn and Yahoo -- in fact, it should be your number one priority.

RSS is still relatively new; despiterepparttar 143155 popularity of blogging, podcasting, MyYahoo andrepparttar 143156 RSS featured Firefox Browser, it hasn't totally gone mainstream. Many webmasters have not yet optimized their sites for RSS, so you can give your site a slight competitive edge if you act quickly. By taking full advantage of this new technology you will see a marked improvement in your site's traffic, not to mention a noticeable increase in your site's rankings.

So don't delay, 'hotwire' your site by utilizingrepparttar 143157 RSS factor and you might be pleasantly surprised where it takes you!

To add RSS to your Site within minutes, download this simple

RSS and Blogging Guide.

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