Strategic Copywriting: So Much More than Text Optimization

Written by Carolyn Evans

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"Desired actions"

Your website must enable a customer to do what you would like him to do: Request more information; register for a course; fill out a membership or subscription form; follow advertiser links; make a purchase through PayPal or credit card; or just forward a link to your site to someone else. To enable customers to take any one of these actions, your website must:

oProvide an opportunity on every page forrepparttar customer to buy your product/service or contact you. Some customers will make a sudden decision to hitrepparttar 108054 "Purchase" button, while others may want to think about it or call for more information. Many will leave your site to find competitors who offerrepparttar 108055 same product or service at a lower price. (This is why your value proposition is so critical -repparttar 108056 more unique your offer,repparttar 108057 more difficult it will be for customers to findrepparttar 108058 same deal anywhere else.) oEnable them to takerepparttar 108059 desired action onrepparttar 108060 spot. Provide a shopping cart, registration form, secure payment feature, toll-free number, and visible links that make it easy forrepparttar 108061 customer to takerepparttar 108062 action. oReassure them thatrepparttar 108063 action they take is safe and secure. Online customers want to know thatrepparttar 108064 information they leave behind will not be used in any way other than what they specify. If your site has an ecommerce function, be certain it's secure and that your customer has good reason to believe that it is. Also, assurerepparttar 108065 customer that his privacy is important and that you will not sell or pass on his customer information to anyone for any purpose. oKeep customers coming back. Customer retention is a huge part of your online business success. Obviously,repparttar 108066 first step is to satisfyrepparttar 108067 customer withrepparttar 108068 product/service purchased andrepparttar 108069 experience of purchasing it (ease in ordering, customer service support, quick shipping, etc.). Beyondrepparttar 108070 fist positive experience with your site, you want to give customers reasons to return to your site regularly. To do this successfully, your site needs a good tool for tracking and profiling every customer and ample opportunity forrepparttar 108071 customer to opt-in to receiving email, newsletters, faxes, or even direct mailings from you.

Enablerepparttar 108072 customer to achieve his desired purpose...

Why did this customer come to your site inrepparttar 108073 first place? We can only assume he was looking for something he thought you might offer. Did he find it? Did he buy it? Did he leave immediately?

In any case, your site should have enabledrepparttar 108074 customer to achieve his desired purpose. If he was looking for something you offer and found it, that might be all he wanted to do this time around. Maybe he wanted to compare prices or think aboutrepparttar 108075 purchase. If he bought it, you enabled him to. And if he left your site immediately (assuming thatrepparttar 108076 home page loaded quickly), it was probably because he was inrepparttar 108077 wrong place. Again, you enabled him to achieve his desired purpose - to go elsewhere to find what he was looking for.

Strategic copywriting is about understanding human beings and what satisfies them. It's about courtesy, sensitivity, quality, and respect for consumers, whether you offer what they're looking for or not. The simple courtesy of enabling a customer to accomplish his purpose, be it buying from your site or leaving immediately upon learning he's inrepparttar 108078 wrong place, isrepparttar 108079 essence of strategic copywriting for a successful and effective consumer experience.

Carolyn Evans is the principal of, a search-engine optimization company for small businesses and start-ups

Image and name recognition can provide a constant stream of referrals.

Written by Michael J. Berry

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