Straddling the Science/Magic Line: A Look At Magnetic Therapy

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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It turns out that human bodies must be properly reintroduced torepparttar earth's magnetic field. In recent years,repparttar 127659 scientists at NASA have learned how to facilitate this physical readjustment. They now haverepparttar 127660 astronauts change into special suits embedded with magnets as soon as they land. They slip into their orange suits and voila--they're ready forrepparttar 127661 cameras!

There is a great deal we are learning about magnets, and it's not just to help those who've blasted off into space for a while. Magnetic wraps have been used for decades to help racehorses heal after injuries. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from trainers to supportrepparttar 127662 continued use of magnetic therapy for horses. Horses don't tend to say much about their beliefs, so it's hard to point torepparttar 127663 placebo effect as a possible explanation.

The most compelling idea about magnetic therapy is that we may need it now more than ever. We used to walk barefoot inrepparttar 127664 forests and plains. We had direct contact withrepparttar 127665 earth as we slept, hunted, and harvested. We were surrounded by vegetation and natural rock formations.

Not anymore. We've built concrete sidewalks, roadways, foundations, and buildings. We travel in cars and trains, essentially encapsulating ourselves. We've created a world of barriers betweenrepparttar 127666 earth's natural forces and our bodies. It's reasonable to consider that this may be affecting us physically in ways that are difficult to diagnose.

The earth has so much to teach us. Sometimes we know what works long before we understand why it does so.

We've never questionedrepparttar 127667 fact that being surrounded by nature helps us feel soothed, refreshed, and invigorated. Scientific research now shows us more specifically howrepparttar 127668 earth helps us feel better. We benefit fromrepparttar 127669 negative ions nearrepparttar 127670 ocean, our brains respond torepparttar 127671 binaural beats present near waterfalls or during rainstorms, and our bodies react positively to a restored connection to magnetic forces.

I'm not likely to latch ontorepparttar 127672 latest pharmaceuticals or toutrepparttar 127673 benefits of new-fangled remedies. Butrepparttar 127674 old ones? There's no big company poised to reap huge rewards by promoting them, and consequently, we're not likely to hear about them onrepparttar 127675 evening news or be bombarded with television commercials praising their potent power. I always like supportingrepparttar 127676 underdog, and in this case, that underdog is backed up by plenty of science ofrepparttar 127677 unprofitable kind.

We would do well to restore our connection torepparttar 127678 earth andrepparttar 127679 powerful forces that help us maintain our health naturally. How wonderful that we can benefit from negative ions, binaural beats and magnetism without dealing with health insurance or spending a lot of money atrepparttar 127680 drugstore.

The next time you take a walk inrepparttar 127681 woods, stroll alongrepparttar 127682 beach, or stretch out in a meadow, remember repparttar 127683 magic of magnetism. Recapturerepparttar 127684 wonder you had as a child, and celebraterepparttar 127685 fact that sometimes repparttar 127686 simplest solutions are stillrepparttar 127687 ones that fill us with awe.

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The future of the Human Species - Part 1: Are we in danger?

Written by K.A.Cassimally

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Apart from asteroids, there are also other menacing-to-hit-Earth objects including comets. Rememberrepparttar comet Shoemaker-Levy9? It wanted to obtain a better view of Jupiter. The result: engulfed byrepparttar 127658 planet that is,repparttar 127659 comet simply crashed into Jupiter. This may happen to Earth too. If a comet were to hit Earth, it would be a real disaster. Extinction of life quasi-instantly! And humans for sure do not haverepparttar 127660 technology to avoid a comet impact.

If we do not want to be extinct, we will have to flee. We have to go elsewhere. But where? Where next?

K.A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. K.A.Cassimally is best known for his article 'Harry Potter and the Moons of Jupiter'. He is also Senior Columnist at where he writes 'Not Scientific Science'. Website: Email:

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